Friday, July 23, 2010

Hear Yeah! Hear Yeah!

I just asked for a link and now here I am so inspired to write because she inspires me a lot! Always. I am in a way have [also] been handicapped [excuse the word, pag in pain lang naman Tack....hehehe] by my scoliosis' excruciating pain attack but compared to Kat, well it shamed me to even complain a bit for this simple [huh?, oh my...!] agony. I believe God veered me into blogging to let our paths meet at a crossroads, to be able to form a [true] friendship out of two mere strangers. I still can vividly remember our first meeting at Tiendesitas. Whoah, a rare chance. I didn't plan it but it came and now, if one thing I'm really thankful about's when I gain real friends. One is Katrina Yarza. The ever woohoo girl. She's really godsent, because she always make me feel lighter, when in fact it should be otherwise. She's really decided to hang in despite her illness. And with that perseverance I don't think I can equal her superb spirit that is now being spread not only via websites but on broadsheet and tv programs as well. I am so proud of how she took everything in stride, rather than be totally frustrated knocking her head [up] against the brick wall. Some might just feel empty and knock around and keep to themselves and become anti-social. But not Tack. She's really amazing I tell you. One must get to know her so as to imbibe her positivity and kakikayan. [of course ever bida rin si Madge sa mga serbisyo niya as a mom diba Kat? kaming mga gigilid, lol] She will always have a soft spot in my heart because in a way she has changed my life's view positively then on. I am more positive now, even more than what she always say..."masarap mabuhay, tikman mo!"

Use this link for more SOHL ....

Kcat finds life’s beauty beyond pain

PS/***I have promised to give her a white Hello Kitty [ ahe...] for her birthday [ahe again, anoong petsa na ito???] but it's like a long row to hoe. So tila nakakahiya naman masyado if I let this month end without sending her that stuff. So... ***

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  1. wow thank you mommy super cool! I'm so glad to know you and I'm happy na I am helping you in some ways..

    Super ok lang pagka-delay ng dating ni hello kitty.. wala pa naman next birthday ko eh.. hehe ;P

    I love you! *mwah*


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