Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Extreme sports?

Mountain climbing, crawling, digging and cave exploration (spelunking)...why not, I would really want to try but I am physically (very) unfit to join...buti na lang. I am not that adventurous person to join such daring activities maybe because I hate getting near snakes, bats, rats, or whatever predator might there'll be. It's too risky. But imagining myself seeing those heavenly stalactites or stalagmites, wow...those cave walls that for ages still stood there...mountains to climb with all those trees standing sentinel to watch over and worship the vast mountain with all it's glory and resplendent beauty. For sure while trekking you'll see body of water like streams or river...and I love it...with crystal water (meron pa kaya?) running...it's quite splendid. We were then invited by one Montenara member some years ago but I declined knowing the capacity of my physique to perform such arduous undertaking. Such expedition involves anticipated difficulty and hardship that I cannot truly handle.
I am just living in a world of mind exhaustion while in semi-sedentary mode...which is blogging...but it definitely gives me some highs. :)

PS/ This was posted way back Au6 15, 2008. And I just reposted it and added some pictures of me inside the cave. I've never imagined that one day I'd be able to get the chance to see real stalactites and stalagmites and hold your breath...there's even waterfalls inside that cave. I can't express my excitement seeing the wonders beneath that humongous rocky mountain and the wonders inside, and just the same I can't express my fear while we were exploring this cave. I worry about sudden shake from beneath the earth, omg...I was praying incessantly that we be able to finish the exploration as fast as we could. Yeah I know that we cannot say that it's spelunking and I don't know what to call it either...since it's already adulterated cave, developed for tourists and expectators. But anyway I just felt I need to share this one great experience which is one of the most highlighted in my sojourn here in Japan.

crawling... ;D
wheeew, am claustrophobic ;(
takes a hundred years...
my first... 
freakin' cold cave water, with calcium ions
So, hurrah for those enthusiasts and adventure seekers...

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