Friday, April 29, 2011

Kindness and truth shall meet...

It is not easy to choose friends. One of the reason why is, some people hide their true skin...their true color as they say. Sometimes it shows along the way, but some took time showing the true essence of the word in context. We all need friends aside from our dear family. We love to see friends and hang out with them for awhile when we have heartaches and disappointments...they do make us happier. They should be treasured when they are real ones. But sometimes it is our friend who hurt us the most. So, like the bible says..."truth and kindness shall meet"...that's why even our Lord Jesus Christ had to pray before he chose friends, his apostles. Because, yet even among those friends, there was one who betrayed Him. We, too...will have the same experience with our friends...and am not an exclusion here for there were some in my list who did have had hurt me most. Some people come into our lives and we then decided to choose some of them to be our friends to share our joy and sadness after opening our hearts to them. Yet, there'll come a time when some of them will be an instrument breaking our hearts into pieces. In that way...we learn some lessons of life that nothing in this world is permanent. That no one is indispensable. What we should armed ourselves is our courage not to be discouraged...our faith to go on inspite of what life will throw us. Faith alone will be our greatest instrument in life. It should always be in the equation in whatever task we are to tackle. For faith is synonymous to God. God should always dwell in our hearts. And if that happens, love in our hearts will forever flow. Forgiveness always follow love. No matter how one is culpable of hurting us...if you have God in your heart, then forgiveness will follow no matter how long it will take.

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