Thursday, April 7, 2011

Goodbye to my old curtain hair!

If there's one thing I think I'm envious of, that's when I see cool women having nice fringes that come  down nice and straight to their eyebrows. I had it once for the first time when I was a bit bit younger when my hair was still unadulterated and straight. But as I age bangs for me is not an option, since my hair went limp and it looked a bit oddly then. So the most I could have then was only the sideswept.  But because we have now everything that goes handy and easier like rebonding and hair more limp limp problems now. Just go find and seek for professional hair stylists and voila!

Here in Japan, almost 80% of women wear them and they do not make any fuss whether it's nice or not. They just wear it without qualms. This is one of the cultural marks for Japanese women and so yesterday I decided to have it and I am happy for the outcome. A new and daring fashion statement for me!


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