Sunday, April 3, 2011

Higashiyama Zoo visit

that gaze makes me feel like a rat...
in his tense moment...
my fave angle...
tsukareta (tired)
jilted ;D
in mating ritual...

to be continued...


  1. hi mommy leonore,

    you are from japan? you seem to be unaffected with the recent tsunami and earthquake phenomenon. nonetheless, i am glad that life as well as blogging continues after that horrible mishap. regards and God bless!

  2. hi my dear ida...glad to hear from you, yeah am right now here in Japan. gonna spend another two more months and will then go back to Philippines. It's quite very devastating to post more about the tragedy thus I veer away from it all and just share what I have been doing most of the time here...enjoying here and there. I'm just too grateful we are very far from where it happened but still I felt and still feel sad about how it crippled Fukushima and its neighboring towns. I just want to show the other side...

    keep in touch... ;D

  3. wink for some errors... ;D

    sending you a warm hug... GB!


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