Thursday, April 28, 2011

A couple of misfits...

What if you and your partner always has arguments over a couple of misfits? Being a couple doesn't necessarily mean that you jive along well in many aspects but it's very common to argue on some issues like who came late, who seldom text and of late replies. Even who will gonna wash the dishes...or even clean the sink. Simple matters but it really matter so much though. There should always be a give and take in any form of relationship. If there is, how would one gonna fail and be a washout? It should always be a two-way lane. It should be. How will it work conjucively for the other if it's gonna be a one-way lane course? Quite selfish di ba? Work it hand in hand and things will last forever...and if love is the common ground, I don't think one has to go astray. Love (always) binds...

6/7/08 (8:23am)

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