Monday, March 15, 2010

Bayang Magiliw...

Watch this video of how it has to be sang the right way and let's start practicing it with feelings and patriotism... Lupang Hinirang

Watch Kyla's rendition here...

A lot of times the title of our national anthem by Julian Felipe is always misconstrued as Bayang Magiliw...which is just the first few lines of the anthem itself, blame it on Tito, Vic and Joey. I remember when I was still in grade school our teacher would choose who to lead the national anthem in the mid-stage during the raising of the flag every morning with the time signature of 2,2 or what we call the marching beat . I don't even remember if how we're taught to practice the beat...but we do know until now at least. I am not a singer but what I do know is that I have an ear for the right tune...quite contradicting but it can be true. Imagine the years of singing that every morning on weekdays that gives us so many time to practice singing it perfectly. Now how could it be happening today that performers, and I said performers who were picked amongst many professional singers in our country only to be criticized the way how they sang it in their own key? Poor singers who'd be fined by NHI [ National Historic Institute] for not following the right key. If you're a crooner or a belter doesn't even matter unless you sing it right and perfect. But what we do not know was the feeling each of them felt when they were on the mid stage watched by millions. Kayla so far had received better comments for her rendition among the rest who were invited and requested to do the honor of singing the famous Lupang Hinirang.

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