Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Ebony and Ivory match...

I woke up early [at 4am] but I couldn't go out to do the marketing afraid of you know what. The reason is... my son has to bring some food stuff as potluck for his ROTC graduation. So, I stalled na lang and went outside later at 5am. I wouldn't be happy if he had not bring anything to share.

All agog... excited and uptight...!

Now what I want to share is the excitement I saw from the people around the market that early and just like they're all gunning their engines. Vendors who ply their wares along the sidewalks, those who are in the meat section and everyone and the whole shebang are buzzing up and all eager to sell their merchandise to be able to go home early and watch the Pacquiao-Clottey match later today. Wow everyone seems to be hightailing today. One even say that "pinatitigil ni Pacquiao ang mundo pag may laban siya." Really Pacquiao has this ginormous and magnificent influence to rule the world via his boxing prowess.

Later when the fists war begins, you cannot distract those people in the market lest you become nooby or in other word...the most annoying thing on earth you'd become. Like me I don't like noise but this is the time when loud noise never will fray my nerves dahil later on everyone will be screaming and shouting and all half the globe will be rooting for Pacquiao including myself. But for every match andon ang fear na he won't make it dahil we know naman that there's no guarantee na you'll always be the best.

Let's just pray for his magical deck...again this time.

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