Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm not really dumb...

I only act dumb to make the stupid people feel clever.
[from my FB status shuffle]

Car registration is quite topsy-turvy, but I was used to going to a lot of those thingy. But when I grew weak and a bit older I hated this thing so much going for a long queue with my back ache getting the better of me always because the pain would really be so excruciating for me. Remember the 30 degrees bend on the left side of my spine, wow that's something...making me a professional sciatic forever. So, last 23rd I decided to register my car ending in one. So that was so late because I should have done it way before or on the 1st month, my bad, it's against the grain ika nga. I dilly-dallied because I couldn't used the car unlike before Ondoy. That Ondoy really turned everything upside down. So to make the long story short I backlogged. I went to this emission test along the highway near my location where my niece got her Adventure registration and it went fine, delivered it at home in just one day. Told myself ah, I could trust him too well also. It was the scorching heat of the sun that made me deal with that man for my registration. So the emission was done. Okey...but I just had the feel to tinker with my cp cam, aiming on that man named B, on the pretext that I was just texting. Heehah I had 2 shots of him saved. When the emission was done and so on and blah blah, I gave him my 60% trust plus the amount he had just computed together with my penalty. That was the 23rd of this month. I was hoping it would be done the next morning. I texted him...gave reason ...another reason...another reason....until yesterday when I got piqued by his never ending alibis. I didn't say a word but I told him...kuya asikasuhin mo naman, kasi nasisita na ako ng police...[not true because I am not that dumb to use unregistered car because that would cost me a cool 4thousand pesos if I'd be caught]...I knew it from his voice when I called him, na he was groping for words and stammering. I fixed myself and scurried to LTO and look for the person he told me who's holding my papers on day one. I've learned from the insinuations of that person that this B is not at all trustworthy. I called him and told him I was there already following my papers. He told me if I could wait and I said I have all the time to wait. Half an hour later he arrived there. Ang daming kwento, wala namang make it short I had my best luck because I was able to get all my money back. Pure luck. Imagine those eleven nights without decent sleep? It stressed me more thinking pwedeng mawala ang pera ko. Good thing I went there yesterday and was able to recover my papers and my money back too after asking around here and there. Eh paano nga marerehistro eh nasa bulsa niya ang makapal na pera at sinabi pa don sa tao na paluwalan daw muna. My gowdy...! Wala akong binitawang pangit na salita, I pretended nothing bad ever happened...never went ballistic unlike my old habit when someone pissed me. I just try now to hold my tongue which is the best so far. I just try to pretend everything is fine. I even texted him , kuya thanks hah...I promised now not to deal with anyone like him , by the back door again. That was my first and my last try!

*** This serves as an abject lesson to others. Avoid fixers! Don't take your chance! Never let yourself be fooled! At wag basta magtiwala lalo't di ninyo kilala ang taong lalapitan ninyo involving money matters! ***

PS/ I am sorry to use my FB pre-set status shuffle. I just chose to use this on my post because of my previous dilemma regarding my car registration. It was my fault to deal with stranger. And I am sorry too for using the word st@#%d because it is not my word. The status is just so timely that's why I snagged it and used it as well.

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