Friday, March 12, 2010


Wow...I don't know how to begin after reading some of new updates on Tack's site as I have missed the Bulletin thingy. Check that out on her blogsite using the link. This person is one of the very few who has this never ending bubbly disposition in life where I think I fell short of. It's not a matter of being pessimistic or what,but with a positive streak I have it also balances my grumpy mood when something pissed me off just like what happened this morning. fave song of Lady Gaga's Bad goes love love love...yan lang naman kaya kong'llhear me love love.
Kanina I woke up again at 4am to prepare food for my grown ups, not that they cannot do it for themselves but I like it the way when I let them feel na may nanay silang nag-aalaga sa kanila. Same old routine...everyday! I missed blogging since last March 3 pa nawalan akong internet. I went to SM with my monthly bills..paid it and reported that I haven't got an access that day which was on the 4rth of March. I was told they would send a technician right away on the 5th to check the problem. No one came. Promised to send one again on the 6th. I was out that day for some important things to fix... but instructed my dau to call the branch office and again promised to send one on the 6th. one came. I waited positively until I got pissed kanina. I fixed myself up to go to the branch office at SM. But I decided to call 171 for Globe direct. I told my sentiments with a half-harsh tone, okey my the poor guy who has received my call but in fairness he managed to see where I was coming from, good thing he didn't answer in the way I wouldn't like. Trabaho nila yan and they are paid I believe to give us polite attention for our grievances as their patrons who in a way also support them and believe in them that's why we chose them in the first place. What irked me is until now we haven't still any access. What's wrong? Now I came here in their branch where we applied to say that I am glad if they will just terminate our contract kung ganyan din lang nakatunganga ako sa bahay kakaantay magka-access. Aba eh namaster ko na't nailigtas ko na si Cassandra sa BookWorm games, dami ko ng napatay na zombies sa Plants vs Zombies, imagine may pot money na akong 100 plus thousand? Nalaro ko na rinang Chains...Crowns...Insaniquarium, Feeding Frenzy,Ricochet...everything there is just waiting to see if there would be any luck having a sudden connection. Walapa rin. Now the lady in front desk told me na they will send a technician sa house since wala naman kami sa list of outage. Wow...the other day the guy told me and even let me see the monitor namay outage at kasamakami doon...but which is which? Napaka-contradictory naman ng mga statements di ba? Sino di mapipika non? Just give me one true valid reason! Eh wala eh. Now she again promised na my plea will be on top priority, naku di na ko naniniwala. I told them na mag-aapply na lang ako ng iba. But then I managed to cool down a bit. And she saw me straight-faced and piqued with the situation. Pero I didn't hurl bad words and didn't say something except that it showed in my face na inis na ako talaga. Imagine before this dillema while eating our dinner the phone rang...I left my food and went upstairs , yun pala from Globe lang for some evaluations daw. So politely I gave in. Answered the questions and gave the highest which is 5 to rate them how they fare. Oh dear me, now I can't believe this is happening. They are quite annoying me already. For a person who sit 24/7 in front of the computer to blog, and to update my emails and send my loved ones some sweet messages to uplift them and console them and give inspiration...say it's ordinary but to me that's very important.

I am now all rankled and whinging about the situation I am in right now, that is preventing me from doing my dailies. Now I couldn't sing my fave love love...from Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. Wheew!

Now I remember what Starbuck's motto is...Love your customers!

PS/ Imagine how much would I have to pay now [P123.45] for staying here at the CYBER Internet Cafe doing what I should have been doing instead in the privacy of my own room? Remember I usually stay up late blogging and surfing...di ko magawa ngayon.

[Thanks to those who visit and bloghop...Bye bye now to my readers and my co-bloggers...till I get my access at home, that's the time I can go back rolling to blog daily.]

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