Saturday, February 25, 2012

Walk it like you talk it . . .

It is quite easier said than done to most but if one really talk the talk...and walk the walk, he'd do what he'd preach. Some tend to find fault and give their unsolicited two-cents worth without even thinking ..."would I hurt this person if I say my views or let's I a better person than her when in fact I've done more slip ups having gone on a #2# relationship" how could she be on the right position to tell me this and that is better. We all need some respect, am I right here? [am sorry but I have no intention to indict anyone, so I tend to bowdlerize some texts which may appear kinda intrusive]
My maxim, is to always be just a positive listener once any one I knew whether a friend or just a mere acquaintance would come to me to confide something or maybe wanting to unload something dangling on his neck. But if she'd ask me my own view, I'll give her mine and I'll make a stand on that if ever I am in her position. And that is my stand, I'll make sure that she'd understand that I am not imposing her what to do. We have our own views over other matters. What is good and nice to me won't be the same to others.
Mostly motherly matters are the main topic of our discourse...a colloquy ending up to giving each other's point over the matter. One time I was a bit disgusted when one who's so opinionated as she is all the time, gave me some affront and gave me some what-to-do's...I felt off 'coz the truth is she's still single [s@#$%#$r] and how could she give me some sage advices if she's not even a mother first? Maybe you'll say I'm just too subjective, but no I'm not, rather am just being objective this time. For me, hey I am a mother so if we're talking about how, I am more sagacious than who is not. Oh dear me, I wasn't in a choleric mood but I wasn't able to maintain my tactful manner that time so I just blurted out nicely, "Be a mother first!", sometimes I have to defend my side. I always try to be very strait-laced as I can be just because I hate arguments, but when I am provoked, I couldn't let my chance to defend my side least in a very nice way still. Be nice and a little respect is all it got!
I might, didn't become a very good wife because my marriage ended up in separation but when it comes to being a mother I must say I am doing everything to make my role to the utmost. It would be a great failure for me as a mother if my children would rate me the lowest. So far naman, I receive their highest ratings as a mother. They always say I am the best mom. For me as long as my children are happy, I am truly happy also.
I always try to be an example to whatever I say has to be the best and what is right. I am not perfect but I try to inculcate to my children to always stay to what is right and what is good. For example, in my heydays I used to smoke but abruptly I decided to turn cold turkey when my little son then wanted to puff my cigarette, who was then 4 or 5 yo if I am not mistaken. I was like, no you can't, it's bad to puff and he said, "then why are you smoking if it's bad?!"
And it all started there.

Never again will he see me holding a set a good example...and if you want to be a good parent then you should walk your talk...just like I did then when I decided to quit that fault. Of course we are not perfect but at least if we try to better ourselves, we are no way but near of becoming or trying to be a good role model. At least we try... 'coz parent specially mothers [and that should be as molders] should be an apotheosis of good values and sagaciousness.

The Crab and Its Mother

A CRAB said to her son, "Why do you walk so one-sided, my child? It is far more becoming to go straight forward." The young Crab replied: "Quite true, dear Mother; and if you will show me the straight way, I will promise to walk in it." The Mother tried in vain, and submitted without remonstrance to the reproof of her child. 

Example is more powerful than precept.

Source: Aesop.Fables

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