Thursday, February 9, 2012

Love, love, love

It's just five days away and it's Valentine's Day! Wow, this month says it all what's there to be in love. Are you in love? Am I too? Special someone? Naah ahh! Still looking for the right one to come...where is he? Well, I think not everybody, (just like me) will be having a date to be spent with somebody who is so special in our hearts. We all fall in love...some are so blessed to keep that love but to some who's been heartbroken, trying to find some sort of patching up that never work sometimes...some are irreversible and can't be healed too. Some find solace to find another love. But what is important and I believe is that...we should learn how to love ourselves first in order to find complete happiness. Not being with someone  would mean that person is unhappy and his life would just  go miserable. No! Unless one makes skulking and draws himself to melancholia, then he is just in trouble. Let us realize that not all things that we wish for ourselves will go nice and smoothly as we want them to be. Accept the fact that not all that we hoped for will be served to us the way we all wanted them to be. Some things are just not meant to be.

Just enjoy life with or without valentines! Hoho...if you are still holding your heart, just wait till somebody ask for it and be sure whoever will ask for just as deserving. So enjoy and let LOVE rule the world!

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