Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Soothe everyone's eyes and mind


nice to have like this one
After the green roof that started in Germany many years ago, and have become popular throughout Europe, becoz as everyone knows that it is environmental friendly and it maximizes the use of space and besides it is well appreciated and very innovative when it comes to architectural designing,  not to mention the warmth it gives during winter and of course  a bit cooler during the summer heat. But well, thousand of years ago we had already the one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World...known to us as The Hanging Garden of Babylon.  With many countries adopting it to help set  the environment as one of the main goals, it looks like architectural designing bring forth the jungle to the busy city proper.

Wow, look at this one, and am proud I took this picture while I was on vacation in Japan 2011...@ Tonami Tulips Festival. I didn't let this one passed without picturing it becoz of the thick thatched roofing and I asked the caretaker then and told me that indeed this used to be green roof but since it's hard to maintain becoz of the thick snow during winter so the thatched roof instead of the green roof.

Just thought of sharing you these pictures I do treasure from my most highlighted vacations in Japan.

cute turtle planter
horizontal planter
drummerlike planter
well-manicured garden
under the wood planks

column planter

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