Sunday, February 12, 2012

I wanna dance with somebody...

...with somebody who loves me  :D 

This is one of my fave from  Whitney Houston's many hits.

I chose this upbeat song from Whitney Houston's (classic) hits not to imbibe the sadness circling around the net today. I can't help but feel sad whenever I hear her magical voice via her songs played over and over the radios and teevees as tributes. It's just so sad too that we've lost another talent too early because of "drug-related issues" written all over and it's extremely pitiful and heartbreaking  to see such talent goes wasted. So, I just want a happier note rather than the usual. The diva has met her Creator now that she's on for the proverbial final sleep so to say. Had she been coaxed to the right path to stay away from her temporary escape it could have been otherwise unlike what happened now. But sad to say or is it better now that she is peaceful and unburdened of all of her pains and undertakings when her career had met the downhill slide. This only proves that we really are the captain of our soul. So, really drugs are hard to beat and once you are hooked on it the chance left is really very slim...might as well hold a banner that says...DON'T DO DRUGS, lest you end up in a war where no one wins the battle...always a loser. Such self-destructive habit can destroy everything in you to pieces.

>>>To the late diva, REST IN PEACE <<<

Am segueing here...
Life is too short, so if we feel we love the person as one of Whitney's classic hits...let us not keep it inside. To love someone is one of the Greatest Love Of All.

February to christians like me is the love month (FEB 14) where we honor and celebrate St. Valentines. Say the magic words...I LOVE YOU, if you feel it inside and don't try to bottle up your feelings.

Say it once you feel it inside. Well, I believe I just did... ;)

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