Thursday, February 2, 2012

Birthday shout out!

 This is for you, Aya Sharel ...thanks dearie for being such a  good daughter that you are. I am forever grateful to God for giving me you, I always feel so blest having you as my first child, whom I consider my very best friend, an extra shoulder to lean on when I am sullen or out of sync, my make up artist when am lazy doing mine, my best photographer, my critic, my ever loyal PA and who always make it a point to remind me of this and that, my good provider, blah blah blah and my number one fan, lol, jk, but you make me feel that thank you very much. No exact words can explain how happy I am as a mother. I prided myself for having been so successful raising such a fine lovely lady in your person. I love you so so much!!! <3

More to come. . . Stay as sweet as you are, stay healthy and be happy always  ;D

E N J O Y ;D

**me and my daughter**

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