Thursday, March 25, 2010

I love my past. I love my present. I'm not ashamed of what I've had, and I'm not sad because I have it no longer.

He who pays the piper calls the tune...

Fair exchange is no robbery

A contract is fair as long as both the parties understand and agree to the conditions willingly; after a deal is closed neither side can turn around and say that he was unfairly treated.
This holds true and I guess it's but proper to honor what's in the contract but there's always an exception to the rule like what I went through previously. Was caught in a 24 months locked in contract. I did my share by paying my dues diligently on time as much as possible, but what would I do if I was left hoping to get a good service they've promised? Worse of all I got contradicting answers to my queries. I have so many things in hand to accomplish yet that dilemma was preventing me for so long doing what has to be done. So I made a decision. I just hope they would be able to put themselves in my place and do know exactly where I was coming from. For there's also a proverb that says, He who pays the piper calls the tune. And that means, the person who pays for something has the right to do as he wants...[though I believe to some certain extent only so as to protect each one's right whether you are a consumer or the other]. That's why we have our Department of Trade and Industry, to protect traders as well as the consumers, and it's but legal to give every one a just and fair treatment.

And twenty days of waiting patiently, yes 20... wasn't too bad at all if I chose to do what's best for me...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Bayang Magiliw...

Watch this video of how it has to be sang the right way and let's start practicing it with feelings and patriotism... Lupang Hinirang

Watch Kyla's rendition here...

A lot of times the title of our national anthem by Julian Felipe is always misconstrued as Bayang Magiliw...which is just the first few lines of the anthem itself, blame it on Tito, Vic and Joey. I remember when I was still in grade school our teacher would choose who to lead the national anthem in the mid-stage during the raising of the flag every morning with the time signature of 2,2 or what we call the marching beat . I don't even remember if how we're taught to practice the beat...but we do know until now at least. I am not a singer but what I do know is that I have an ear for the right tune...quite contradicting but it can be true. Imagine the years of singing that every morning on weekdays that gives us so many time to practice singing it perfectly. Now how could it be happening today that performers, and I said performers who were picked amongst many professional singers in our country only to be criticized the way how they sang it in their own key? Poor singers who'd be fined by NHI [ National Historic Institute] for not following the right key. If you're a crooner or a belter doesn't even matter unless you sing it right and perfect. But what we do not know was the feeling each of them felt when they were on the mid stage watched by millions. Kayla so far had received better comments for her rendition among the rest who were invited and requested to do the honor of singing the famous Lupang Hinirang.

don't worry about people in your past
there is a reason they didn't make it to your future.

We should give meaning to life, not wait for life to give us meaning.

Having a run of goodluck!

Really, Manny Pacquiao with the rest of his clan/gang is indeed celebrating the fruit of his never ending success. By his discipline, his tremendous training plus the fact that he’s really working his tail off to where he is right now, he’s really dominating the ring and no qualms about that…his hard deck flinging as powerful as an iron that could make anyone passed out to sleep is hard to duplicate more so to bear.

Kudos to Manny…and congrats to all Filipinos as well !

Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow; Don't walk behind me, I may not lead; Walk beside me, and just be my friend.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Ebony and Ivory match...

I woke up early [at 4am] but I couldn't go out to do the marketing afraid of you know what. The reason is... my son has to bring some food stuff as potluck for his ROTC graduation. So, I stalled na lang and went outside later at 5am. I wouldn't be happy if he had not bring anything to share.

All agog... excited and uptight...!

Now what I want to share is the excitement I saw from the people around the market that early and just like they're all gunning their engines. Vendors who ply their wares along the sidewalks, those who are in the meat section and everyone and the whole shebang are buzzing up and all eager to sell their merchandise to be able to go home early and watch the Pacquiao-Clottey match later today. Wow everyone seems to be hightailing today. One even say that "pinatitigil ni Pacquiao ang mundo pag may laban siya." Really Pacquiao has this ginormous and magnificent influence to rule the world via his boxing prowess.

Later when the fists war begins, you cannot distract those people in the market lest you become nooby or in other word...the most annoying thing on earth you'd become. Like me I don't like noise but this is the time when loud noise never will fray my nerves dahil later on everyone will be screaming and shouting and all half the globe will be rooting for Pacquiao including myself. But for every match andon ang fear na he won't make it dahil we know naman that there's no guarantee na you'll always be the best.

Let's just pray for his magical deck...again this time.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Got my internet access now. The problem naman pala came from loose connection here that connects the modem to the computer. Had they sent the technician on that day as promised, baka nalunasan agad. But anyway all's well that end's well talaga. Kaya I am wearing a wider smile now. Well salamat naman at natugunan n'yo na ang problema ko. So let bygones be bygones. Salamat sa inyong helpful effort...huli man daw at it goes.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Wow...I don't know how to begin after reading some of new updates on Tack's site as I have missed the Bulletin thingy. Check that out on her blogsite using the link. This person is one of the very few who has this never ending bubbly disposition in life where I think I fell short of. It's not a matter of being pessimistic or what,but with a positive streak I have it also balances my grumpy mood when something pissed me off just like what happened this morning. fave song of Lady Gaga's Bad goes love love love...yan lang naman kaya kong'llhear me love love.
Kanina I woke up again at 4am to prepare food for my grown ups, not that they cannot do it for themselves but I like it the way when I let them feel na may nanay silang nag-aalaga sa kanila. Same old routine...everyday! I missed blogging since last March 3 pa nawalan akong internet. I went to SM with my monthly bills..paid it and reported that I haven't got an access that day which was on the 4rth of March. I was told they would send a technician right away on the 5th to check the problem. No one came. Promised to send one again on the 6th. I was out that day for some important things to fix... but instructed my dau to call the branch office and again promised to send one on the 6th. one came. I waited positively until I got pissed kanina. I fixed myself up to go to the branch office at SM. But I decided to call 171 for Globe direct. I told my sentiments with a half-harsh tone, okey my the poor guy who has received my call but in fairness he managed to see where I was coming from, good thing he didn't answer in the way I wouldn't like. Trabaho nila yan and they are paid I believe to give us polite attention for our grievances as their patrons who in a way also support them and believe in them that's why we chose them in the first place. What irked me is until now we haven't still any access. What's wrong? Now I came here in their branch where we applied to say that I am glad if they will just terminate our contract kung ganyan din lang nakatunganga ako sa bahay kakaantay magka-access. Aba eh namaster ko na't nailigtas ko na si Cassandra sa BookWorm games, dami ko ng napatay na zombies sa Plants vs Zombies, imagine may pot money na akong 100 plus thousand? Nalaro ko na rinang Chains...Crowns...Insaniquarium, Feeding Frenzy,Ricochet...everything there is just waiting to see if there would be any luck having a sudden connection. Walapa rin. Now the lady in front desk told me na they will send a technician sa house since wala naman kami sa list of outage. Wow...the other day the guy told me and even let me see the monitor namay outage at kasamakami doon...but which is which? Napaka-contradictory naman ng mga statements di ba? Sino di mapipika non? Just give me one true valid reason! Eh wala eh. Now she again promised na my plea will be on top priority, naku di na ko naniniwala. I told them na mag-aapply na lang ako ng iba. But then I managed to cool down a bit. And she saw me straight-faced and piqued with the situation. Pero I didn't hurl bad words and didn't say something except that it showed in my face na inis na ako talaga. Imagine before this dillema while eating our dinner the phone rang...I left my food and went upstairs , yun pala from Globe lang for some evaluations daw. So politely I gave in. Answered the questions and gave the highest which is 5 to rate them how they fare. Oh dear me, now I can't believe this is happening. They are quite annoying me already. For a person who sit 24/7 in front of the computer to blog, and to update my emails and send my loved ones some sweet messages to uplift them and console them and give inspiration...say it's ordinary but to me that's very important.

I am now all rankled and whinging about the situation I am in right now, that is preventing me from doing my dailies. Now I couldn't sing my fave love love...from Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. Wheew!

Now I remember what Starbuck's motto is...Love your customers!

PS/ Imagine how much would I have to pay now [P123.45] for staying here at the CYBER Internet Cafe doing what I should have been doing instead in the privacy of my own room? Remember I usually stay up late blogging and surfing...di ko magawa ngayon.

[Thanks to those who visit and bloghop...Bye bye now to my readers and my co-bloggers...till I get my access at home, that's the time I can go back rolling to blog daily.]

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm not really dumb...

I only act dumb to make the stupid people feel clever.
[from my FB status shuffle]

Car registration is quite topsy-turvy, but I was used to going to a lot of those thingy. But when I grew weak and a bit older I hated this thing so much going for a long queue with my back ache getting the better of me always because the pain would really be so excruciating for me. Remember the 30 degrees bend on the left side of my spine, wow that's something...making me a professional sciatic forever. So, last 23rd I decided to register my car ending in one. So that was so late because I should have done it way before or on the 1st month, my bad, it's against the grain ika nga. I dilly-dallied because I couldn't used the car unlike before Ondoy. That Ondoy really turned everything upside down. So to make the long story short I backlogged. I went to this emission test along the highway near my location where my niece got her Adventure registration and it went fine, delivered it at home in just one day. Told myself ah, I could trust him too well also. It was the scorching heat of the sun that made me deal with that man for my registration. So the emission was done. Okey...but I just had the feel to tinker with my cp cam, aiming on that man named B, on the pretext that I was just texting. Heehah I had 2 shots of him saved. When the emission was done and so on and blah blah, I gave him my 60% trust plus the amount he had just computed together with my penalty. That was the 23rd of this month. I was hoping it would be done the next morning. I texted him...gave reason ...another reason...another reason....until yesterday when I got piqued by his never ending alibis. I didn't say a word but I told him...kuya asikasuhin mo naman, kasi nasisita na ako ng police...[not true because I am not that dumb to use unregistered car because that would cost me a cool 4thousand pesos if I'd be caught]...I knew it from his voice when I called him, na he was groping for words and stammering. I fixed myself and scurried to LTO and look for the person he told me who's holding my papers on day one. I've learned from the insinuations of that person that this B is not at all trustworthy. I called him and told him I was there already following my papers. He told me if I could wait and I said I have all the time to wait. Half an hour later he arrived there. Ang daming kwento, wala namang make it short I had my best luck because I was able to get all my money back. Pure luck. Imagine those eleven nights without decent sleep? It stressed me more thinking pwedeng mawala ang pera ko. Good thing I went there yesterday and was able to recover my papers and my money back too after asking around here and there. Eh paano nga marerehistro eh nasa bulsa niya ang makapal na pera at sinabi pa don sa tao na paluwalan daw muna. My gowdy...! Wala akong binitawang pangit na salita, I pretended nothing bad ever happened...never went ballistic unlike my old habit when someone pissed me. I just try now to hold my tongue which is the best so far. I just try to pretend everything is fine. I even texted him , kuya thanks hah...I promised now not to deal with anyone like him , by the back door again. That was my first and my last try!

*** This serves as an abject lesson to others. Avoid fixers! Don't take your chance! Never let yourself be fooled! At wag basta magtiwala lalo't di ninyo kilala ang taong lalapitan ninyo involving money matters! ***

PS/ I am sorry to use my FB pre-set status shuffle. I just chose to use this on my post because of my previous dilemma regarding my car registration. It was my fault to deal with stranger. And I am sorry too for using the word st@#%d because it is not my word. The status is just so timely that's why I snagged it and used it as well.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Making waves...

It all started via his you tube covers, now he's making waves...and lots of girl swoon over this young lad who knows how to sing and plays intruments including drums, guitar, piano and trumpet. Everything is self-taught and that includes his singing. He is what it makes it to be a star, go check him via YT and you can tell why he is now the heartthrob...

Monday, March 1, 2010

A legacy that will live on and on...

We are the world! is a legacy to all from Michael Jackson's aim to aid Africa during that time when he was composing this. Artists all gathered together for free on same purpose to help those who suffered and still is in Africa. Now they are standing again shoulder to shoulder using this song for Haiti...and comes Chile who is facing the same agony after an 8.8 shake recently. It is really very devastating to see some people suffering from such kind of catastrophic event that turned everything into shambles. Supplication and scores of helping hand is all what it needs to be able to stand again from all of these.

This song is a revival of the original MJ and Lionel Richie's collaboration done in the privacy of MJ's home, particularly in MJ's room where it's done mostly in haste to aid Africa. Both laughed, goofed, but with strong passion to make a song that will uplift the nation in suffering. But because of their great talent it went out beautifully and LR gave full credit to MJ saying it was MJ who did most of the song. It was so humble of him and in all honesty has saluted Michael's great talent not only as a total performer but also as a composer.

As a self-confessed MJ fanatic, I couldn't help but miss my idol in his permanent absentia and good thing they gave his part in this cut. It is somehow to give the composer his due credit and respect as well. Very nice indeed of that new video. Now I just hope some people out there to ruin MJ as a person rehashing some old issues against him would stop. Those issues were never proven true. Why in heaven's name that some people still out to ruin a dead man's reputation? I believe they should give him respect while he's now on his final sleep and would not be able to defend himself much like when he was still alive. He's just a product of smear and media hype and hooplas. Just a mere wet blanket! Whether they accept this or not Michael Jackson had lived to entertain people via his great talent no one can ever replicate.

Another Worse Tectonic Upheaval...

Earth has now been going through a lot of worse tectonic upheaval, and some major catastrophe. Previously Haiti was in the same agonizing situation and now comes Chile [Feb 27, 2010] having a magnitude of 8.8 as recorded triggering the tsunami warnings for the Pacific. This has damaged Concepcion a lot, Chile's second largest city. Philvolcs are also concern by a possible tsunami hitting the Philippine territory that's why people were urged to stay away first from the beaches. This event is really harrowing. Death tolls and stats are swelling.

What more could we think of to guard us from things like this...except a powerful supplication?