Sunday, April 27, 2014

Oh dear...

Wow...I see it coming ;(

 It is likely to happen...with AC running for some hours a day, para sa isang simpleng pamumuhay this is too much to bear.  At tipid na tipid pa yun. I feel like a contrabida turning it on and off again and again. I heard that is not a good idea.

 I wonder how much one super rich personality is paying, or being charged if their AC is running round-the-clock? So maybe that's why we have this pdaf hearing now. I am not rich but I still can't stand the scorching heat of much more if one is born with a silver spoon? Haha...wala ng patayan tiyak yun.

Who's your pick?!

Lol... having a broken pc for a long long time, I seldom do this...watching my fave music videos via my you tube channel and it is non-stop! This is one fine noon... and I love it ;D

Loving both version...

"I Heard It Through The Grape Vine"

PS/ super stoked watching this vid of JLegend...

Me and my perks...

I feel like am always lulled here and I am so afraid losing this page for the simple reason of being inactive. I got a friend's blog-site a visit one time only to learn that it was pulled down permanently  from the system due to same reason. What other reason could be sadder than death. Tsssst  ;(  

NOTE... I just hope they change that policy giving some leeway  to bloggers to stay in the loop no matter what reason they have for being in lull  mode as long as they do not break the terms or rules here. 

And to let you know that there are times when I do post some fillers to keep up, ssshhhh... so if you see some none sense posts I made... just so you know now. I am always lazying due to FB, IG'ing and other things that gets my attention and focus.  Like this one... am sort of say, reminiscing but to get things going,   here is one of the most highlighted moments of my life...ooops, I should not say that...becos every minute of our life should be treated well and highlighted as it is a blessing and always will be no matter what.

 Seven years ago, I was so cheerful when I first set foot in Japanese land...the Land of the Rising Sun. Yes, I love Japan as it is my second home since the moment I got there. And as a tourist preppy then, when I was brought to Akabane, I feel like a child feeling the winter cold of the ocean at Akabane. Brrrrr! I gathered some little things like shells, woods, barks, stones  and I brought them home here in the Philippines.

NOTE... I decided to put the word My to the title of my page here (making it My Cakes and ale )so as to give me reason and explanation why I'm posting too many of my pictures here as this is my sole reason why I blog in the first place. I want to share this specifically to my children and would-be-grandchildren in the near future.

Edited description of my blog title...
For life is not just about how we will live comfortably, or even about the good and or the pleasurable things life may bring we all hope it to be.
But it's how we deal with the rough roads, or the molehills and even the mountains each of us will have to trudge as we go along everyday; with a lot shimmying when edges are sharp, while others are always cherry-picking. lnstead of brooding let us just be armed with great deal of faith and courage, coupled with perseverance and everything will just turn out fine no matter what state we are, LIFE will always be a blessing.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Staving off depression...

A young-gay friend of mine is just wallowing in melancholy...why...his bf has suddenly drifted away. Ayun...he's into crying bouts...crying a river. I tried to appease him when I got to talk to him over the phone, and in jest told him that hindi siya kawalan if ever (am saying he is not his loss)...ay lalong umiyak (but he cried all the more). And to include some petty sibling rivalry...a play of favoritism. As a parent, I wonder how it is done...I love my kids in the same gauge because they are my kids...lahat paborito ko and I don't play favoritism...pantay-pantay. Going back, I did try to pacify him because he's skulking inside his room, baka kasi kung ano maisipan...prodded him to turn into music or watch DVD...or go to our house. I think he's in a semi-lethargic mode...I hope he'll pull himself together and be in high spirit again as his old self. Big sea...and lots of fish as the old saying goes. Well...people don't always approach a problem from a logical point of view. Hang've got to keep control of yourself. Come's not the end of the world...shake off that feeling in two shakes! (redundant, sorry)'s easier said than done so to say... but am sure he'll get over this...

Friday, April 25, 2014

Blooms from heaven...

As Pablo Neruda once wrote..."You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming."

And he is so right...forever spring will be in eternity as God also loves flowers. And this eternal beauty  is only possible if we take extra care of our nature and environment. So this will only be depending on how we care about our mother earth. So let's give our own share... 

 I am so privileged  to be able to travel some and one country that I most enjoy visiting is Japan. Such a beautiful country with a mixture of both high technology and some well preserved old-agri magic where I saw most oldies tender their own little or vast land themselves without hiring too many other hands.  Many of them too are into planting vegetables and fruits like cabbages, eggplants, kiwi, persimmon and others. and mostly all organic procedure...ahhh I could still smell the whiff of animals dang. Such a joyous journey where we can learned about new things about their culture and ways that differ from our own. And I adore each journey I had and so thrilled to see how they come up with themes each time I visit the country.  But it's a different feeling when you see acres of tulips all abloom in different colors. And you'd be in awe to see high ceiling-indoor gardens with different species of plants and other variety of  succulent plants. The people there are really making efforts bringing their best to put up a humongous fairy-tale-like-gardens.I always say a silent prayers to the one up above for giving us these beauty... In all my visit, I never had seen any one of them touching any of the flowers... it's how they are trained, to just look and enjoy without touching it or picking it from the is a no-no! And I admire this policy being implemented to everyone. In my mind, had I been a super rich person, I will put up a big big garden for all people to visit and see it's beauty and be relaxed... cos seeing this kind of man-made garden is just so heavenly.

Monday, April 21, 2014

I love you, Mishah...

“Not the least hard thing to bear when they go from us, these quiet friends, is that they carry away with them so many years of our own lives.” 

~John Galsworthy~

It's been two years now, exactly...but It seems just  like only yesterday. Pain is still here but not so much like before becos the pain of losing you is outweighed by the love and joys you have  given made us more human. You taught us how to love more and accept things more.

You will never leave us with those memories you've left  behind. You will forever be alive in our hearts specially to me... I LOVE YOU FOREVER... 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Thursday, April 3, 2014

When HE says one can say NO!

I am inspired by this Picoult line... when God says one can ever say no 

I still can vividly remember how I got hold of a book by Jodie Picoult, and it was my very first book she authored..."Handle with Care" and I couldn't afford to just go without me having that copy. I read the back cover where a short glimpse of the whole story is written. After reading that book... I crave for more of Picoult ....

 Her books are highly recommended for someone like me who loves to read, and am sure again that you will never get tired of her and her novels... plus your shelves won't be complete without you adding some Picoult on it. 

I am halfway done reading Keeping Faith and I just got a new book again given by my son who instead of me giving him a gift on his turned out to be the other way around. He let me choose from bulks of books on the shelves and I have but one author in mind... Picoult... 
To my Arvin, belated HBD  and I wish you all the luck in this world...Thank you for the gift, I truly treasure our friendship and the mother-son-thingy. I love you to no end. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Time out!

Unless it's a good joke there's nothing to worry about. Let's enjoy first and be a little funny and crazy. This is one day where we can share and spend some time out kindheartedly in spite of the grueling days of busy work in the office or even at home.  Anyone can crack a joke and make fun but... be sure it's nothing but mere light jokes to be enjoyed and not to severe others. Some pranks are harsh and some are just being funny. Just blame yourself if one friend shun you for a few days for your not-a-nice-prank...letting her skid on banana peel. Ooops, not that silly one please, you will surely get a sharp stare after that prank. If it hurts then think of another one that will throw you both in laughter.

So, good luck!