Saturday, August 15, 2009

As I always say...I feel blest!

And sssoooo am blest! Like yesterday when my fave tech was here to fix our pc. Whoah, nakaka-tense kasi naman I am short of dough na. First, it was the power supply that needed to be changed, so we bought one for P500plus. Then the labor cost pa ni Harry the Potter. Then after it was fixed, Harry told us na me diprensiya pa daw. Maarte na kung maarte pero what I did was I clutched my St Filumena patron saint...I prayed hard to VM and to J also na sana naman eh umokey na. I picked Harry up before lunch...I slept away while waiting Harry fixing the computer. I heard the sweetest words from Harry na..."ma'am okey na po", ang saya ko agad. Well...

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