Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pell mell spending and or penny pinching!

Wheeew! Who doesn't want to save? And who doesn't want to buy something you ever wanted for yourself? A little treat for yourself won't harm you but...for me now, it's much better to learn the simplest way to cost cut. In this difficult time all we have to learn is to simplify things around us. One simple good and nutritious viand will do na to have a sumptuous meal for the day. Like when my children wanted pork sinigang, I'd prepare the meal that would last for the whole day. Wala naman silang angal and so far ganun ang routine ko sa house. One meal cooked to last the whole day. And I avoid the sautee sautee thing. It's more healthy and practical what I leaned from Japan. They do away from using too much oil. Like now, I have curry in mind. I bought potatoes, carrots, onions, bell pepper na green para variety of colors, so bongga sa mata. My son wanted sana grilled bangos but I begged off dahil para ano pa't naging member ako kung di ko naman maiaapply sa sarili ko. We have to take care our mother earth, or else.

Noon I used to buy cheapest shoes, slippers...this color and that color...dinadaan sa dami. But I noticed na hindi naman nagagamit, now I only have 1 or two pairs of Havaiana's one flat and one heeled okey na and two pairs of Crocs I brought in, medyo mahal pero it will stay naman longer than those other brands. If you will think of it, mas mura mas napapamahal pa tayo. Hmmmpf...free promo. La man lang ma-discount! Sa bags naman ...I hate buying branded thing talaga. I had to change my old bags since d na siya maganda talagang tingnan. I bought something sa 50% off at Ali Mall. Ahah...for only P180.00. I grabbed the chance though I did some dilly-dallying pa. When I was inside the car...I have had noticed something that stinked. My god, I told myself na hindi ko ito amoy...kakahiya...amoy talagang acute otitis media fluid na. Pardon my words by who ever smells it talagang di makatiis. SO I gave that red bag away kahit nanghihinayang ako dahil maganda pa naman at mura. Walang nagawa ang downy at and cologne sptay na VS. So now, am using a bag I bought from M+FG...

The lesson I want to impart is...we're trying to pinch sometimes but we end up spending more than what we should have. There's what we call wise spending! At yun ang gusto kong matutunan pa...

PS/ kaya nga I requested a mediation from the good office of the DTI eh...about that P1000 na P271 na lang ang natira. Hindi ako pumayag ng hindi ko malaman kung dapat ba or hindi yung step nilang yun. Mahirap ang buhay. Hindi kami namumulot ng pera noh! Doon sa girl posted in front who talked to me...don't try to outsmart your poor customers! At wag kang mal-edukadong dadabog dabog hah! Sayang ang make up ko! Mukhang di mo ko feel, same goes with you! [...naku ang aga ko na namang maging grumpy...I always eat my words!]

I love it whenever I would hear Annabel Rama blurting out her one-liner..."bruha ka 'day!"

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