Sunday, August 30, 2009

Getting the better of me...

Well, well, piqued but I just wanna zip to avoid hurting others. It is the farthest thing in my mind doing. The only thing I don't care about to do is to mess with somebody's life. Sometimes when you care for a person the tendency is to love her...the platonic way such the kind you give to your daughter, sister maybe, mother or even friends. We do love friends, okey? But sometimes you tend to care to a fault. You're sometimes misinterpreted. Specially when somebody is...[don't know what to call that] Well if it cannot be be it!
I can't find myself looking through others. So the best thing I have to do is to mind my own business and live my life. Come on get a life! Lol, it's easier said than pretend that you are happy but the truth is you are not! So better start counting your blessings na lang, much better than dwell on negativity. The next thing I'll do is to turn na naman into music...for comfort...huhuhu...lang you tube d2 ah...why kaya. Well tiis na lang...and blog blog blog na lang ulit. I hate this feeling na naiinis...and when I do, ang sarap magdrive...nakakaalis ng tension just what I did now. Drive drive...para mawala yung stress ko then I found myself here at netopi@. Better!

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