Monday, August 17, 2009

It really comes in three's!

Yesterday...gosh it was so hot! My son went home with a thin yellow plastic...handed to me. Obviously it was an ice he bought since we sold our new freezer and the not so new fridge we were using. It has a dent kasi in front. So my dau decided to sold it in lower prices and get us a new one. Eh since we just moved in...wala pa si new one. So we buy muna ice from nearby store. Going back to that ice he handed to oh fell right on my left toe. I held on to the wall near took minutes before I got to my senses...grabeng sakit talaga. And so kanina ko lang na-notice that I got pala some broken blood vessels that caused me hematoma on my toe.

Now I believe na bad luck really comes in three's! Well...

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