Sunday, August 30, 2009

Getting the better of me...

Well, well, piqued but I just wanna zip to avoid hurting others. It is the farthest thing in my mind doing. The only thing I don't care about to do is to mess with somebody's life. Sometimes when you care for a person the tendency is to love her...the platonic way such the kind you give to your daughter, sister maybe, mother or even friends. We do love friends, okey? But sometimes you tend to care to a fault. You're sometimes misinterpreted. Specially when somebody is...[don't know what to call that] Well if it cannot be be it!
I can't find myself looking through others. So the best thing I have to do is to mind my own business and live my life. Come on get a life! Lol, it's easier said than pretend that you are happy but the truth is you are not! So better start counting your blessings na lang, much better than dwell on negativity. The next thing I'll do is to turn na naman into music...for comfort...huhuhu...lang you tube d2 ah...why kaya. Well tiis na lang...and blog blog blog na lang ulit. I hate this feeling na naiinis...and when I do, ang sarap magdrive...nakakaalis ng tension just what I did now. Drive drive...para mawala yung stress ko then I found myself here at netopi@. Better!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

It comes in four...

Lol, we have no internet access again! Been trying to be sensible enough rather than feel piqued again. I went to Globe office to know what went wrong with our broadband connection and also to call on their attention that we only have availed the access for two weeks and the following weeks went nil and still is nil. Voila! Am not annoyed naman but rather I was impressed the way the man who took our number in queue was courteous naman and has answered all my queries politely. I told him if we would be billed for that and he said no naman. willing to wait and at least no one didn't get to my nerve so far.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Killer punch

Last night while I was getting uneasy because of humidity and because I got an upset stomach, I startled when I recieved a pacman strike courtesy of my no choice room mate. While I was tossing and turning endlessly suddenly she gave me a big side of wonders...I was able to protect myself from that sudden outburst of emotion. Hahah...something happened and she thought she was attacked by a monster kaya siguro siya nag ala-pacman. Grabe talaga oo...kung 'di ko nasangga yun baka black and blue ako Well, itetext ko na lang. Super personal the reason why, and when we talked about that night, we all burst into loud laughters. :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Vive bene spesso l'amore di risata molto

It means, Live well. Love much. Laugh often.

I did inspire this young man who btw became so close to my heart to give blogging a try. I felt so ecstatic when one day he texted me na he has started blogging na. After a couple of push and shove really, he gave in...'coz this guy is so full of emotions and he's so full of talent that's why I wanted him to go blogging. Am sure he is a good writer once tapped. He's quite an A1 student just like my daughter of course. The only difference is that he gives it all while my daughter is quite bashful and somehow she has opened some windows to show her talents too. She's into singing also where she gives her all singing for the school choir. These two are both dear to my heart and somehow I have yet to see my dau blogging. If that time comes, and I hope soon...then I'll be on top of cloud nine na talaga!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Woohoo! I've found my wallet with my driver's license yesterday! And it's been two days that I drove the car without the bleep bleep...yay, my bad! It's not in my system to drive sans my DL...oh dear me...nakakahiya kung nagkataon. Anyway di naman ako reckless eh...well that's not the point noh? I know it's a no's like I'm hiding something illegal. Well...wag pong gayahin...dahil masama talaga yun. It's something na hindi ko talaga ginagawa ever since. What if...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What a day to start again...

Edgy morning. Woke up at 3am, did some bloghopping and visited my FB and F sites...while preparing breakfast...afterwhich I just found out that my driver's license's missing. I'm sure I have it misplaced only. But am irritable again, 'coz I am driving everyday...whoah, I don't need an offense ticket.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pell mell spending and or penny pinching!

Wheeew! Who doesn't want to save? And who doesn't want to buy something you ever wanted for yourself? A little treat for yourself won't harm you but...for me now, it's much better to learn the simplest way to cost cut. In this difficult time all we have to learn is to simplify things around us. One simple good and nutritious viand will do na to have a sumptuous meal for the day. Like when my children wanted pork sinigang, I'd prepare the meal that would last for the whole day. Wala naman silang angal and so far ganun ang routine ko sa house. One meal cooked to last the whole day. And I avoid the sautee sautee thing. It's more healthy and practical what I leaned from Japan. They do away from using too much oil. Like now, I have curry in mind. I bought potatoes, carrots, onions, bell pepper na green para variety of colors, so bongga sa mata. My son wanted sana grilled bangos but I begged off dahil para ano pa't naging member ako kung di ko naman maiaapply sa sarili ko. We have to take care our mother earth, or else.

Noon I used to buy cheapest shoes, slippers...this color and that color...dinadaan sa dami. But I noticed na hindi naman nagagamit, now I only have 1 or two pairs of Havaiana's one flat and one heeled okey na and two pairs of Crocs I brought in, medyo mahal pero it will stay naman longer than those other brands. If you will think of it, mas mura mas napapamahal pa tayo. promo. La man lang ma-discount! Sa bags naman ...I hate buying branded thing talaga. I had to change my old bags since d na siya maganda talagang tingnan. I bought something sa 50% off at Ali Mall. Ahah...for only P180.00. I grabbed the chance though I did some dilly-dallying pa. When I was inside the car...I have had noticed something that stinked. My god, I told myself na hindi ko ito amoy...kakahiya...amoy talagang acute otitis media fluid na. Pardon my words by who ever smells it talagang di makatiis. SO I gave that red bag away kahit nanghihinayang ako dahil maganda pa naman at mura. Walang nagawa ang downy at and cologne sptay na VS. So now, am using a bag I bought from M+FG...

The lesson I want to impart is...we're trying to pinch sometimes but we end up spending more than what we should have. There's what we call wise spending! At yun ang gusto kong matutunan pa...

PS/ kaya nga I requested a mediation from the good office of the DTI eh...about that P1000 na P271 na lang ang natira. Hindi ako pumayag ng hindi ko malaman kung dapat ba or hindi yung step nilang yun. Mahirap ang buhay. Hindi kami namumulot ng pera noh! Doon sa girl posted in front who talked to me...don't try to outsmart your poor customers! At wag kang mal-edukadong dadabog dabog hah! Sayang ang make up ko! Mukhang di mo ko feel, same goes with you! [...naku ang aga ko na namang maging grumpy...I always eat my words!]

I love it whenever I would hear Annabel Rama blurting out her one-liner..."bruha ka 'day!"

Monday, August 17, 2009

Why I love John Legend...

It really comes in three's!

Yesterday...gosh it was so hot! My son went home with a thin yellow plastic...handed to me. Obviously it was an ice he bought since we sold our new freezer and the not so new fridge we were using. It has a dent kasi in front. So my dau decided to sold it in lower prices and get us a new one. Eh since we just moved in...wala pa si new one. So we buy muna ice from nearby store. Going back to that ice he handed to oh fell right on my left toe. I held on to the wall near took minutes before I got to my senses...grabeng sakit talaga. And so kanina ko lang na-notice that I got pala some broken blood vessels that caused me hematoma on my toe.

Now I believe na bad luck really comes in three's! Well...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

On a happier note!

Been tired of posting my endless beefs na reasonable naman. Well it's my attitude na when am pissed off may tendency akong magsilent mode kaya nga lang I put every emotions ko into writing. I just write every thing down and pag nagsalita na ako ng medyo maanghang eh talagang nasa matuwid lang na magsalita ako kasi alam kong naapakan na ako ng sadya. Well I hate to start the day in a wrong mood so let the dead bury the past.
I am so happy that my two grown up kids have been doing well in school. They've been getting higher grades and so they deserve some tight hugs...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Okey, just one last beef...

Yup! There's more to life...magagalit sa akin si friendship Tack na bukod sa napaka-positive na tao eh napaka joyful pa. Well...I like what she did, just take a look at my photo, actually it's one of my favorite. I like it 'coz I look prettier, kasi naman di kita ang fez ko actually. Hahaha!
This person has always been making me happier lalo na't stressed ako. May ESP yata siya eh. Woohoo girl yan eh. Okey, Tack kelan tayo swimming hah! Am just a text away lang... :)
God has given me a friend who in a way has taught me a lot in life kahit ba am a year older ...oy Tack 'wag ka ng umapila...bad mo ako db? I am thankful sa mga nagiging friends ko around the net dahil lahat sila'y godsent...I believe.

For you my dearest Tack...more hugs!

PS/ speaking of beefs, let me share this one last...I went to a salon in Sta Lu for a foot spa with pedicure and manicure (actually I chose not to polish my fingernails na lang because I have it shortened). Natapos ang footspa and I liked the nail polish since medyo iba from what I have been using na silver platinum. When I was walking around the mall I suddenly felt the growing pain under my left toe. Cge...I tried ignoring the pain pero masakit talaga. When I arrived home, I sat down and tried to find out what's been bugging me so much. Voila! That girl scraped the skin of my left toe na halos kita na yung second skin short, wala na halos yung outer skin in...kulang dumugo na siya...about the size of a corn kernel. It was a gross experience having to pay for a painful scrub. I went there 8th of August and so the pain and the scrape has healed already after 8 days. Good thing I am not diabetic. Never will I ever go back there. The name of the salon? A letter from the alphabet says. That girl deserves an eagle-eye stare. Ang sakit no'n hah.

As I always say...I feel blest!

And sssoooo am blest! Like yesterday when my fave tech was here to fix our pc. Whoah, nakaka-tense kasi naman I am short of dough na. First, it was the power supply that needed to be changed, so we bought one for P500plus. Then the labor cost pa ni Harry the Potter. Then after it was fixed, Harry told us na me diprensiya pa daw. Maarte na kung maarte pero what I did was I clutched my St Filumena patron saint...I prayed hard to VM and to J also na sana naman eh umokey na. I picked Harry up before lunch...I slept away while waiting Harry fixing the computer. I heard the sweetest words from Harry na..."ma'am okey na po", ang saya ko agad. Well...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Not that smart!

Am sure naman na wala akong attitude problem, nor am I belligerent.. Ganito kasi...we were using a ##### broadband for a long time already. Since we moved from one place to another...until such time nga d2 na kami permanently. My son requested for a temporary disconnection which covers daw a maximum of three months, kasi ayaw ko ng iparelocate don sa nilipatan namen prior to this place since we would just be staying there for a short period of time lang which is 3-4 months nga. This was done for the reason na hindi kami ma-charge dahil di naman namin magamit yung internet or pc, and this is according sa taong kausap namin don. So the request was done last March 17th of this year. So it was over last June 17th. Ace went there at their office on June 10th to have the reconnection. He has paid the relocation fee of P1000...and it was refundable naman. Here's what happened. The linemen...I don't know what to call them...arrived in our house only to frustrate us when they told us na..."balik na lang po kami ma'am kasi kailangan namin ng mataas na ladder..." but as we talked they also said that tila mahina signal daw don sa village namin...when in fact na they told us sa office na may signal daw don. What piqued me was when Ace was refunding his relocation fee...and daming deductions. Pati yung pagpunta ng linemen nila don we were charged P200, eh wala naman ginawa kungdi tumingala sa roof. Eh di makuha ni Ace ang refundable nya. So I went there with him. A girl sitting right in front was assigned to my number. I told her my intention. I was trying to hide and control my annoyance. That girl pissed me off talaga kasi she kept on saying in front of my face na " ma'am' yan po nakalagay sa system namen...and I went like, "wag mo akong sinasabihan ng system system nyo!" What I was trying to point out is...we paid a relocation fee...hindi nila naikabit yung line...bakit ang daming deductions? What was left was P271.00 na lang. Na-charge daw kami ng system nila dahil nakalagay don na reconnected na. I was irritated na...and I said, iharap mo sa akin yung nag-connect. Bakit nyo kami icha-charge ng walang dahilan. We have no previous unpaid balance...walang nangyaring'no at bakit mangyayaring ang daming deductions? Then I told her ok sige ibigay mo na yung P271. at baka maging one peso na lang yan bukas. And I turned away. Gusto ko sanang magpa-DTI to file a complaint against these people. But my son begged off. Because he knows I am taking bp and heart medications.
What am trying to point here is...wag naman nilang gawin yun sa mga customers nila. Kung ako masusunod I want a meeting with them in front of a DTI head officer. Because I know in my heart na mali yung ginawa nila. Going back, Ace was given a provisionary receipt to claim the amount stated only after 8 working days? Tama ba yung idaan pa yan sa meeting eh napakalinaw na wala naman relocation or reconnetion na nangyari in the first place?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tears welled...

Isa lang ang masasabi ko....ang sakit sa dibdib. Grabe. I will post next time kasi as usual eto Netopia na naman ako kasi sira na naman ang pc namin. Will post my blog about how I felt about the necrological mass for Cory Aquino, what they say pierced me so much.

I was the Edsa Revolution! And I am prouder na Aquino din ako.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

An icon of true democracy

It was earlier this morning when Cory Aquino dies of heart failure..around 3:18 am Saturday at the Makati Medical Center. But she will live in heart of every Filipino with her legacy of how it is to hold on to faith and believe that God will always help those people who want to help themselves. She has led our country with dignity and always, simplicity was in her aura despite of the wealthy clan where she came from.