Sunday, September 6, 2009

The gift of gab...

One thing I love when I am writing is using idiomatic expressions. I find it fascinating of not going into full direct point of the issue. let's say one passes untrue or false declaration of a story...we can use the cock and the bull story rather, which is also synonymous to fib, false, canard, lie, fish story, tall tale and many others more. This idioms are phrases where when words are put together they will have different meanings from the definition of the words individually given. Use this link to see how many idioms we have... and learn how to use them.
An object lesson serves as a warning to others. (In some varieties of English 'abject lesson' is used.)
Odds and ends
Odds and ends are small, remnant articles and things- the same as 'bits and bobs'.
Off colour
If someone looks off colour/color, they look ill.
Off the beaten track
Somewhere that's off the beaten track is in a remote location.
Off the chart
If something goes off the chart, it far exceeds the normal standards, good or bad, for something.

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