Sunday, September 20, 2009

Plus size no more!

It's really a bonus at my age to really attain my desired waistline and or my body weight. It's a plus factor for me, not only health-wise but also the looking good factor. I can truly say I was really a late naman. But anyway it's always never too late for anything. Noon I would eat all I could ever wish for. Not now anymore 'coz I know if it's not good I'd rather not throw it in. I crave more on fruits, the cheapest is the lacatan. I always see to it that we have bananas each meal. I choose lacatan bacause it has a longer shelf life than latundan. Sometimes I would buy myself dalandan, the bigger one than the normal size and sweeter also. For ten pesos each it's okey na, and P25 per kilo of lacatan, voila...I just love it. As we age, we should be on the look out to what we put in our mouth.
Do away with choc'lates and junk foods, and I suggest you go cold turkey! Just a matter of self-discipline!

Now everybody would ask me how did I lose some extra flabs daw? Am flattered because dati if they would see me they'd say ang taba mo, ang laki mo"...etc...but not anymore. From 184 my needle stopped at 149.08 and I try to maintain it that way, but still I want to reach my goal which is 130 for my height. Now I am ecstatic to ask for a medium size's great and I feel proud to achieve this goal. With ischaemic heart, some angina and hypertension episodes, I can't go near getting fat again lest I want to put my health in jeopady.

And for me, the best solution to lose unwanted fats is as easy as pie...just stay away from the table and go vegan! Lol!

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