Monday, September 21, 2009

I have noticed...

Whoah! My internet access has been on and off and it prevented me from making the usual rounds I used doing when it wasn't in an intermittent status. I reported it already and somehow I am satisfied naman how the Globe people took my complaints unlike the other network who got to my nerve but that was a long story to tell. Let the past bury the dead. Anyway, going back...the moment I got my hands on my computer naturally, the first thing I usually do is to open my email and answer all there is to answer. Same goes with my blog sites. When I did some blog-hopping I was shocked, oh no...not shocked I mean I was disappointed to find out that I was removed from their blogroll. For me, when one ask me for a link I usually do not decline the invitation and there wasn't any chance that I did the invitation since I blog because wanted to blog. And not for anything else. This is my passion. I love to write my journals and indeed I am a frustrated writer because it is really my dream to become one. When I first started out this blog I had only one thing in mind, to write my daily musing...when am inspired or faith and everything about how I feel for the day...just for posterity reason. When one invited me for a link exchange I obliged freely but I wonder why some took my name out of their blogroll. Wow...I can't say anything but to heave a sigh. I just want to leave my blogroll as it is...anyway it's not anymore important to me to earn a vote or whatever like community or anything there. I don't feel like asking favors just to earn the most blah blah blah...I just want to write my thoughts and that's it! Cheers! I remember Jen who once said,"remove me and I will remove you"!

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  1. hello Ate Nors, musta musta.. same here intermittent connection din akin sa Smart esp. after pag super lakas ng ulan.
    Ako d na nagdadagdag ng mga links hehe.. naalala ko nga yang nainis ako sa mga nag delete sa akin hehe..

    Ang cute naman ni Misha mo.. dog namin mix breed sya.. naku laging nasa house lang sya bihira sya dalin dito shop kasi super kulit at likot hehe.
    wawa nga nagka flea infection so dinala pa sa doctor.. ang gastos pala!!!!


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