Friday, September 11, 2009

Singing lessons and voice training online?

Oh dear me, I saw this video singing success online...amazing and I checked it out and it helps...'coz I did try myself. But I give it a second thought because I am right now!I cannot help myself but feel envious whenever I see someone who can really really sing just like my son's classmates...marami sila and really are talented. One is Junelle who has a very powerful voice and Jonalyn Viray who's making a name in musiclandia via her vocal range, also see how Franz Gregor sings in differrent keys. May mga gifted talaga pero there are those honed like Leah Salonga. our famous Miss Saigon lead star.
My son really wanted to study Music and I just hope he'll do not only good but put his heart and soul into it. Sa akin nagmana kasi I remember when I was younger then, I used to buy cassette tapes for minus one. I love singing It's My Turn, songs of Carpenters...and other old songs including Never Gonna Say Goodbye. I really love singing sana but I am not that confident because I am very shy in front of people and thinking of not hitting the right note eh kahiya talaga to the max. Haha, I did try Dulce's rendition of Your Heart Today...super ganda, but nothing came out. That's too high a note so no choice but to just listen rather than sing. Wheew! They are lucky indeed to have been blest with beautiful voices.

Voila! Here is the song I always sing...I really love this song ever since.

Waaahhh! I want to sing this with more bravado and gusto!

How I wish I could sing confidently without any qualms...but that is yet to come... :)

Somebody lied to me,
It just can't be,
You cant be gone forever.
Somebody got it wrong,
you are gonna love me all my life.
Where'd we good together,
now I'm on my own,
And I don't think I'll ever learn to live,
one day alone.


So/woh I'm never gonna say goodbye,
say goodbye, is something I can't bring my self to do.

NOTE: For complete lyrics just click this link!

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