Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I wish...I wish

My son had seen this movie and he's recommending this one... much so to get a book, entitled The Time Traveler's Wife. eh mukhang mahal siya kaya I'll have to save pa for this one. Also I would love to get all books about MJ.

I saw one by J. Randy Toraborrelli which I am reading right now that carries the title, The Magic and the Madness. I got a lot of time to save 'coz still it's twenty days shy of my birthday pa naman. Well, am back to my old habit...which is reading. Always looking for a possible Sidney Sheldon on resale of books...but still there's none available. Lol, I bought a glossy magazine tribute to MJ, The Greatest Performer of All Time...which I kept after browsing it.
Wheeew! Free promo na naman ako. And also again, I saw book about Cory Aquino, I think I also want that and have a glimpse of Cory's life when she was still the private Cory 'til she became our famous president.

Speaking of books...I decided na talaga to let go of my old pocketbooks na to my friends who also like me have passion in reading. I still have two large plastic bags here full of newer ones that I seemed to keep pa longer...

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