Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My heart is grieving!

I was about to sign out when my gut instinct took over. I decided to visit my best friend's site... papaxicolates. The last time I heard from him via email was when we had a small issue that sent me crying a whole lot because I knew I have had hurt him but I begged for forgiveness. But because he's a very good man, he chose to forget the little issue I hurled at him. My bad, I just said something in jest that had slighted him a bit. Then after that he told me he had to stay away for a while due to his acid reflux discomforts. OMG, I was about to leave again a message on his chat-box when I saw some of his Portuguese friends saying about...his sudden really took me by surprise.
To you Carlos, my Sherlock really had called it a day indeed! May you rest in peace. I will never ever forget you my dearest friend. I love you, and surely I'll miss you. I just hope your mom will always be in the pink of health.

[I knew he traveled some hours just to be with her almost every Wednesdays. Now I worry about his mother. I don't know who will look after her. I just hope she's fine...and keeping up.]

PS/Went over your emails and it really warmed up my heart again because of your jokes and those pretty advices I did learn from you. You're one of the nicest friend I've got. I will miss your big hugs and kisses you always send me via emails. I have never loved a friend and respected someone like this before...ever...with all the wisdom you did impart in my mind. REST IN PEACE MY FRIEND.... I will treasure this picture you lovingly sent me when I requested one.

You will always be remembered...Sir Carlos de Almeida of Lisboa, Portugal
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This song will always remind me of our brief friendship...where it all started

Carlos last post...entitled...would you believe, really he was so full of humor! That's why he will remain here in my heart...forever. :)


I'll be away for a while but I don't know when I'll be back.
A couple of weeks,I guess,but I'm not sure.
If you leave some messages on my Chat Box they will be answered as soon as possible.
Until we meet again,take care.Cheers.

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  1. We will keep his spirit around..
    İ dont like say goodbye to our angel friend..

    May he stay with angels.....
    its not the end..


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