Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Another boo boo [got bruised arm this time]

Mishah, our female shih tzu and Enzo, a mini pin grew up almost together. So it's but natural that they developed and treated each other as siblings. Then came Homer and Hershey [of mixed breed] who really came from one mother dog, that's why they're fond of each other. Due to unavoidable circumstances I've lost Homer and Enzo, leaving the two behind. Mishah doesn't get along well with Hershey who's much younger that's why she's more harot [playful] often leading to their fights. They always have an issue and become aggressively jealous of each other. One time I was holding Mishah on my left lap. While Hershey sat beside me on my right. I petted each in the head. Mishah became silently aggressive, I knew it because I could feel it was building up. Then she suddenly attack Hershey but instead she accidentally bit my right arm protecting Hershey. Wheeew. I knew it all started when Hershey bolted her meal away.

PS/ Mishah took light nap while guarding my Girbaud bag...she's very territorial type. But I really adore this pup, and also Hershey. They're so sweet!

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