Monday, December 7, 2009

Thank heaven...!

For over some years, I didn't post any wish list because I've learned to just do as always, welcome anything God has been giving me. For me kasi contentment is happiness. Big or small. Am just always thankful and grateful as well. I'm just not the materialistic type of a person. But whenever I go to the mall and do some minimal shopping...I'd always think of one day having this laptop pagnakakakita ako sa display windows. It's just a silent wish lang naman kasi we have naman at home and I have all the time in the world to blog gaya ngayon. But then, minsan naiisip kong magkaroon ng laptop, and who doesn't? And why not. But the thought of having one puts a gleam in my eye talaga. Of course it's not one of my priorities, budget-wise 'coz we all know it's not something like a dime a dozen. But honestly, I just want to know how it feels to blog outside. Ayun I just got it! Am super duper brimming with joy when I've received an email that my laptop will be arriving anytime next week. Heaving a sigh of relief...I whisper a lot of thank-yous to up above. Now something happened last Dec 4...when my daughter met a road accident. The car was damaged but she was able to go home in one piece. I couldn't find words to describe how grateful and blest I felt that day and still up to this moment. Kaya naman with or without gifts at all...won't matter now talaga. 'Coz I received the most expensive gift ever...with matching bonus on the side a lot of thank-you's to whisper.

I make a link to this song I always love to hear by MLTR. It says...Life will take you high and low...and it's gonna make sense

PS/ Ang una kong gagawin siguro bukod sa magpasalamat...ay magblog sa Manila Bay on the first day of the year...[and why not?] :)

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