Thursday, December 17, 2009

A wacky tacky day!

After several stress' we've gone through...and some proddings here and there, sa wakas dumating na ang jumbo-box [that's according to their own description] this afternoon, at exactly 16:59:47. I went upstairs just right in time [when I heard the FX pulled to stop in front of the gate...] together with my 2 doggies so to keep them away because these two lovely rascals really hate strangers inside the house. I left my son there to receive the box by himself. And I just anticipated his call for me to present an ID and sign the papers. I heard a whiff of arguments so I plodded down the stairs and peeped through the window. My son who's so riled na because of the delayed made a sharp query to the other bloke who made me sign the papers. I asked that bloke if there's anything more in the pretext that nothing's happening. So as not to spark any serious altercation. As in deadma. But he answered back pa to my dear son. And that man really showed his uncouth manners by mumbling pa something. Eh syempre naiinis yung bagets ko. His companion shoved him gently inside the FX and even without saying a single word he has conveyed to us that he felt sorry for whatever the other bloke showed us. It was really uncalled for hence they are paid to deliver the box siguro naman with enough politeness na rin and some courteous manner. Iyon naman ang mahalaga. Kung masita man kayo ng customers ninyo baka problema ninyo na yun pa'no harapin yun positively and not just to add fuel to the fire like what the man did.

I slightly reprimanded my son for getting the better of him with that kind of concern. Ako kasi when am livid, I tend to be ballistic at iyon ang nagpapalala ng situation, that's why as long as I can manage to keep my mouth shut, I do it... yun talaga ang ginagawa ko. I write nga lang. I blog what I feel. I turn into a silent gadfly when shoved, not to consider me as pundit 'coz I'm not one. Paano ka naman kasi 'di maiirita, 7 long weeks of waiting wasn't a good gag! Grabeng stress po ang dinanas namin noh? Hindi lang po ten thousand ang nilalaman ng ganoong kalaking box na pilit pinag-iipunan [unti-unti po yun] ng ating mga kababayan living abroad para lang maipadala sa Pinas. Now they were saying na baka daw nasa amin ang pagkukulang at baka daw hindi kami bayad! Wow, holy cow...hindi ganun yun. Don't blather, for it shows some ignorance. The box will be delivered right after you made your call, and you'll have to pay it in cash once you get hold of it. Then when your done filling that up, you'll them and tell them it's ready to be picked up. And presto. So meaning bayad na siya before mo pa itawag na okey na to pick that up. Why would they say na baka 'di pa kami bayad? And dapat daw eh ang LBC ang nagdeliver sa amin...huh...bakit nadamay ang LBC? Hahaha, kee! Alam ko they might be too tired or headachy kaya siya ganun, pero for what it's worth, they should have at least be nice to us dahil without those boxes coming abroad, palagay nila may idedeliver ba sila? One plus one lang 'yan eh. Sa hirap ng buhay ngayon? Kami ang na-stress sa bagal at inefficiencies nila so they need to be polite, courteous and a little apologetic. Period! And not the other way around. May dapat ba kaming ipag-sorry? And you guys should know the rudiments of being polite and tactful when things like this happen. And you shouldn't possess such choleric temper because you will be dealing with a lot of people. This is a door to door cargo delivery, and to avail such service we have to pay a steep charge amounting to 8000 yen...and we're not supposed to be given stares with palpable animosity, na ang dahilan ay nasa inyo mismo. Granting na the season is hampering talaga the services dahil maraming nagpapadala, so at least man lang sana initiatively you gave us a call. We're just a text away di ba? Na ganito po, ganyan ang nangyari. Maiintindihan naman namin yun. Ang laki ng contact numbers sa labas ng box! Well...ang dami namang cargo services d'yan so no problem. The competition is really high. Kung ganyan ang experience namin sa tauhan ninyo, what will you think? Now definitely your services will be out on our list!

Pero at the back of my mind, laking pasalamat na rin at sumakamay na namin let us not live in the past ika nga. Another Murphy's Law !

And for that bloke...Merry Christmas na lang po and Happy New Year! Cool!

And to Mermaid...kindly give some briefings naman to your tauhan. They need it from time to time to avoid negative reactions.

Like what ma'am or Starbucks says..."Love your customers!"

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