Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another Boracay Getaway!

One place I've learned to love is the Boracay shoreline. It has indeed captured my [lull] interest in sea water, though honestly saying am not a swimmer. I just love to enjoy the beauty of the island and its crystalline blue water and its powdery white sand that makes it one of the best sought tourist spot here in our country. I love it there.While in Bora, you'll enjoy life for the meantime sans the city's pollution, noise and avoid niggling chores for awhile. It'll just be pure enjoyment and respite from work to treat yourself. Time to smell some roses ika nga. Though the price is steep at this time because of holidays, the peak season where reserving for the accomodation and the airfares are quite scraping one's pocket unlike when you choose other months where they give low-budgeted promos. Just the same, Boracay will be one of the best choice, and enjoyable place to spend time with your loved ones.

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