Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Take heed and participate

Today, not only experts but we as well do believe that our climate is really changing. The emission of heat trapping gasses due to various causes like the carbon mostly coming from our vehicles, the use of spray whether it be cosmetically or say like insect spray can do a lot of harm in our atmosphere, those industrial gasses from the factories and most of all the result from the inevitable deforestation. These all ruin our ozone layer because of the gasses building up that blanketed the atmosphere. Maybe we all notice that it's getting hotter and hotter each year compared to what is normal. If we continue to ignore this quite a phenomenon, we will experience a lot of what we do not know or perhaps expect like what happened during Ondoy where surging flash-floods took us by surprise. Still a lot of people though aware keep an unmindful and careless attitude. When is the right time to get involve? When and how can we help? In our own little ways there are still a lot of chances to help though we all know the greatness of this problem is. If we do not participate to help a bit how to lessen the cause of global warming...there's more of Ondoy-like to come that can kill a lot in an instant without prior notice. Be aware...and take heed lest everything on earth are put in jeopardy... and enormous risks.

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