Monday, November 30, 2009

May your tribe increase, Bryan!

Our old washing machine hasn't been functioning well for the past weeks, so I decided to use our new LG automatic turbo drum. It has been there in the corner and just waiting to be noticed until finally I have to. So when I was in SM I took the chance to look for some fittings and connector for the water supply hose and the drain hose. I thought I'd have to look for it at the local hardware pa. But I did try asking one male promo-dizer named Bryan who approached us in time. He politely helped and gave me some tips. I fondly admire this young man who knows what good manner is. In jest I asked him if he's married. He says he's still single. In jest I said, ako rin single. And we have a good laugh specially my daughter. :)

PS/ Ang sarap ng feeling pag may nakakasalamuha akong taong gaya ni Bryan na magalang at very efficient pa.

Ayan nagagamit ko na. At satisfied na ako sa bango ng mga uniforms nila. Very convenient pang gamitin. :)

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