Saturday, November 21, 2009

"Pass-the-buck mentality"

There are people who do things and say the opposite things. Doing every measure to double up their earnings, but defacing other property without knowing the consequences of their actions. But I do believe that no one stands above the law. Makalusot ka man, we still have the karma. Now she's spreading something which is beyond the what has really happened. When I heard of this, I was LQTM...because the truth is...I lobbed a case against them. And suffice to say...I did win my battle...because I was able to get all my money back! Lol! She's a liar to the max...she and her DH. This person is spreading that I wasn't able to pay daw my dues so they shooed me out. No no no! That's baloney! Of course not! I have here with me my legal evidences against them...involving legal matters and I can truly say that though I didn't pushed it to higher court they are marred with some negative remarks from those people whom I've talked with. I got my Certification to File Action and I can say that I have an edge because I was the one aggrieved here by all accounts. And with all those meetings and went to foregone conclusion that they did not abide some ethical rules in accordance with our existing law. Simpleng simpleng pagkakamali. Now she has the nerve to spread lies. How could anyone do this while others' wouldn't...or couldn't?

For one reason I don't know why am always magnetized by some unscrupulous people.Not to say I am dumby or what...bad weeds are roaming pretending to be good wearing sheepskin really and you cannot tell...because there's a thin line separating them because you know how competent these people who's out there to hoodwink and sweet talking and cajoling easy target. Now...I've learned my lesson the hard way. Just don't give your hundred percent trust! Give it a hundred times to think it over before going to a deal.

To you...whoever you've done enough damages with your shut your yap!

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