Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Call me cranky, testy or whatsoever it be!

The other day I rode a jeep going to PSB Taytay. One young couple also hopped in and sat beside me. Ooops! I felt something cold just spilt on my left foot three middle digits. Grrr, kainis. I looked around to check where it came from. Uhhhmmmmm...the man seated just right beside me was holding something in plastic the brim hah! It looked like halo halo. Tama bang maghalo halo sa loob ng jeep, at 9 in the morning? So syempre what would you expect? Eh di ba malagkit yon. He saw me wiping it pero dedma ang loko. Hmmmpf! Didn't even have the nerve to say sorry man lang basta he kept on eating then afterward giving it to the girl. What am trying to say here is...mahirap bang magsay ng sorry? Or wala talaga silang pakialam sa kapwa. You know something I hate riding in a public utility vehicle is...when someone is trying to get your attention when paying, pag inabot mo yun out of being helpful...ala di ka man lang makarinig ng "thank you" or "salamat" ...don ako nanggigigil eh. What I do is...I try to look for something in my bag, text text imagine those bacteria you can get from those coins na nagpalipat lipat na ng mga kamay? Pero sometimes I can't help myself, at naiaabot ko rin. The bottom line here is, you prepare yourself to go out, by taking a bath, having clean toes...then someone will ruin everything. At dededmahin ka pa. It hurts di ba? Naka-havaianas ka nga with matching clean toenails pa...ang lagkit lagkit naman. Cheese and rice! Grrrr....

To you...sorry ha natuluan mo kasi ako eh. Next time you want halo halo just go to Chowking. Or kay Elvie's, mura na masarap pa...lawl! :)

PS/ Would anyone believe na I do say sorry and excuse me kay Mishah? Lawl...

Some people specially the younger generation should practice this courteousness and show that good manners is still indeed in their system. Nawawala na nga ang po at opo...pati ba naman good manners eh mawawala rin?

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  1. yesterday I was sitting just beside the isle and a woman in her sleeveless standing beside me naman eh was gripping at the bar way up the ceiling. and dahl she's a shorty her raw armpit was an inch to my face. was pissed yes but I just shrugged it off, and LTM...!


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