Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Got it!

I just got my new driver's license. It's already late na nga but it was because of Ondoy and not from my own doing. I haven't driven yet sans my DL...ever. I'm afraid of getting caught and be given an offense ticket. I haven't got any road violations or whatsoever [**crossing my fingers**]since I started out. Good thing. But except when I was lobbed a case at one point of my life and was caught in a tight spot, for reckless driving resulting to minor physical injuries...but it's another story to tell. Afaiac and tbh, I didn't and I swore on my mother's grave. Sometimes or most of the time...blah blah blah...remember the old cliche about "two sides of the same coin?" I was at lost then when the decision didn't work well for me. And it wrecked the whole of me going through all those steps...imagine the humiliation I got inside of me...while having those mugs shots? I really felt so so bad. And the piano playing? And the fear of subpoena? And the money to pay for the hearing and the acceptance fee? It was really horrible. And know what, I did lose everything, on technicality. And my good lawyer was...very nice because she left the country without a hint...without a trail. I still can vividly remember....the scene at the court...the honorable judge asking me then. "Where's your lawyer?" Your Honor, I think she'll be here in just a few minutes. "Didn't you know that your lawyer is in the United States right at this very moment?" And I felt numbed. And til now, I can't forget that courtroom scene for the rest of my life. The lessons I've learned, the heartaches, the possible indictments, was forced to bargain and pay the plaintiff for the damages that was pretty steep and the mental turmoil when pleading ...not guilty Your Honor! if all my guts were squished out knowing you were left alone to defend yourself. It was all seared in my memory.

So for you out there who's taking chances. Be a responsible driver and observe road regulations to avoid such experience. Wear helmets if you're using motor bikes. The simple buckling down of seat-belts we always tend to forget. We can avoid accidents by being responsible drivers.
Like what happened a month and a half ago in Taytay near Metro East Club gate. Seven people I think had died in the incident because of a wayward truck that had lost its break according to the reports. Vehicles should always be in good running condition. Do not ignore this simple things yet usually the source of untimely death of some innocent people.

Let's all be responsible and be very careful when driving.
Take heed!

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