Monday, November 23, 2009

Signposts of my own development...

Happiness like beauty is relative. For me really being happy depends on how you look at your blessings. Me, though we're not that complete due to some unavoidable circumstances having the third party not on my end but the other one...still life for me is a blessing indeed. That's why I always say I feel blest. The best way to deal in life is to look at it in the most positive way with whatever will be left. Whatever you've got in your hands, have to feel proud of it and be grateful as ever. Being happy is how you understand matter how you wanted to have a complete family if someone naman has to pull the other end, how will you go about the situation? Me after the excruciating test, surprisingly I bounced back and had picked up the pieces...because I knew if I wouldn't make myself stronger no one would even try for me...that's life...that's the reality of life. You will be tested on how to make things work still with all those things you whinged about when you are left alone in your room with all those soliloquies... [wondering why we're made to suffer]. Of course we all think that being incomplete is filled with hopelessness and unendurable frustration but if the future is important to us, we can still survive because we have to. Of course I was once wrecked, but what is important is what was left So instead of asking why, I did look for the positive remnants out of that negative side of my life. The feeling of relinquishing responsibility to someone else's shoulder is beyond my wish. Sulking as if wading through quicksand just because you are left alone is immaturity. Though honestly I was wrecked...[and who wouldn't be], my bruised mind insisted I shouldn't dumped my life just like that. I still got my children who needed my attention, my love and my care. So the bottom line be able to bounce back to life...amidst those trials. Being resilient is the name of the game.

PS/I wrote this because I happened to stumble one blog wherein the writer felt, or rather expresses some paranoias of losing her own life, losing her dh, be it to other woman or the other means of losing someone. Life changes...and it's inevitable. Some would even ask why is life so difficult for some people and not for others? We do carry our own yoke so to say. So we have to be wary and be on guard to whatever will be coming our way. For me, as long as I breathe air...I am blest!

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