Monday, November 16, 2009

Still [half] heartbroken

I still wish to have our car fixed one day and have it test drived. Ondoy had ruined a lot of my home furnishing,appliances, gadgets gone warped and including our family car that is still resting in the garage because the computer box was soaked in flood water. I was the only one at home during the surging of water, stunned and didn't know how to pull the cb and the battery out.  Now every time I see the car there waiting for mechanical resuscitation, I am truly heartbroken...but what is more than worse compared to others who have lost their loved ones due to that raging calamity. Well...  it's only a least we're still complete unlike those who have been in agony losing someone for the rest of time. And have gone shot to the curb indeed!

PS/ By now...I sure hope they're already picking up the pieces...

We're still blest!

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