Thursday, November 26, 2009

I love flapjacks! time I was with my son to renew my driver's license when all of a sudden I just felt a bit woozy. We decided to eat because I thought we might had just both felt a bit famished. While choosing where and what...I couldn't decide what to eat except for a steaming coffee and nothing but flapjacks. Since it was just a couple of hours away to lunch, McDo has no more pancakes and coffee available at that moment. But I was craving for coffee. Was dying to eat hot flapjacks or nothing at all. The solution son got out and to look for food of his choice. Ayun kumain ng chicken. Me I was left eating my favorite flapjack with soft melting butter with honey. And being a coffee fiend, I sipped my tempting fresh brewed coffee with lashings of [fresh] creamer.

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