Monday, June 13, 2011

He is not worth it...

I have a friend who called me up, she said she wanted to unload her sad plight and share it with me being one of the few friends she has ever trusted, yay for me! So...we met, talked while having coffee and crepes...sometimes I would cracked some boffoes to make her laugh whenever she'd start to cry. She said she fell in love with a guy, who's based in the US. To make the long story short, their romance didn't work well...and finally found out that the guy recently married someone who also hailed from the town she's from. She said she thought their relationship was going to be for keeps since they lived as husband and wife already when the guy was here for a vacation, sans any legal vows. She's so helpless and so devastated.

Now here's my take.
       Anyone can go crazy in love...because it can't be's a natural, wonderful feeling each one of us has gone through, or is going through, or yet to go through... maybe once or a lot of times. But the thing is, if the guy decided to leave you, why make a fuss? What is important is for you to move on. Try to get hold of your heart and contemplate...Life does not end there. Loving someone who loves somebody else? Worse if you sulk and bleed. Stop hurting and try to go out and meet friends to console you and your loneliness. Try not to forget yourself, hurting will cease in time. I hope you're coping now, my friend....loving yourself more is the only thing you can do for yourself. Love for me should always be reciprocated, for if it's not why would you call it love then...if sans love at all from the other end. Its should be like a two way lane...if not look around and find someone who is worth loving. Or better look good and be content with how you are being single and loveless...anyway there's a lot to busy yourself with say like go with friends who are also single and they too can feel your sentiments and in a way can help boost again your self esteem. Friendship can do a lot of good to you in time of difficulties and trying times. So go out and enjoy! LOL, me I just sulk and read books...until I'm back on my feet again... ;D

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