Sunday, June 19, 2011

Learning how to dance when dark clouds set in....

Who cares about dark clouds anyway? But still we have to learn how to dance when it sets in the horizon...why...because the darkest clouds bring the heaviest shower of blessings, and am I right here?

Life in my experiences, is very unpredictable...yesterday I was so happy and things were overwhelmingly good and going great  the way I wanted it to be...but suddenly I woke up all things are in messed and tears are just welling up. Tears are really meant to fall as we say, same as rain has to fall too when heavy. But after the tears and the rain comes what...of course sunshine with rainbow is about to fill our eyes. That's always  likely to happen every time. So I do welcome things as they are because I believe after some down ebb or even my lowest of ebb...will then come my raibow. Am always positive and will stay positive despite my trials. Trials do whet my courage and my faith tremendously. And it should remain that way no matter what comes my way...

As I always believe, that our faith should be greater than our fears! Amen!

PS/ I decided to then use my own picture here, where I felt so afraid looking at the calmer sea. Was so afraid at that moment when my daughter took the picture...because this was just a few days after the great tsunami that engulfed Miyage and its neighboring prefectures. Was so afraid that beneath the tranquils of the ocean lies the devastating horror it could bring in just a snap of a finger. But then I will always love the beauty of the water. I enjoy watching how it  dances with the wind...and hear the roaring of waves.

Just like life, they are synonymously both unpredictable.

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