Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Clan of the Cave very first abstract

I haven't updated my SHVOONG since I registered last April of 2007. And here is my very first abstract that I did post for MyShvoong...

This novel by author Jean M. Auel is rich in pre-historic treasure where the clan used their limited knowledge to understand the way of nature and the life per se. The little girl Ayla was orphaned when the earth shook. Iza the medicine woman decided to adopt her even if Brun didn't approve the idea simply because Ayla was born to Others. Ayla found a home and a family with Iza, Creb, the lopsided Mog-ur and the most powerful magician of the clan and later on with her sister Uba, the daughter of Iza who came after Iza was adopted. The story shows how respect and love nurtured in Creb's hearth. It shows how the girl Ayla grew up strongwilled, respectful and later acquiesce to life's noisome trivialities and to Brun who had shown her severe hostility. Jean successfully showed details of the steppes, mountains, the climate and everything around the clan's cave. Superb and fantastic setting. It is heart-pounding when Ayla went through a lot of meaningful and hostile gaze after using the sling. Women were then forbidden to hunt but Ayla disobeyed some rules of the clan so she died several times with their curse. She bore a child from Broud. Then later on became a good medicine woman from the lesson Iza gave her. Brun is a good leader who wouldn't want to be swayed not even his son Broud. His interest is only for the advantage of the whole clan. Ayla then gained respect from the clan. And everybody was looking forward to a better future in the person of Ayla who has then the most powerful totem with the most powerful spirit, the cave lion.

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