Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Great big pretender!

my back photo 
Why are there some people who lie about even on smallest things? Do they gain something from this? Do they know that this is considered as personality disorder? Now who destroys who? For all you know you are destroying your own self image, your own person. What can be more scary is if they tend to become a pathological liar  or "mythomaniac"...and this is something than can be more self-demeaning and well I must call it a self-destructing behavior. What is worse  above all is that they don't value honesty and loyalty, how much more to respect others? If one called their attention they veer to start an argument..and you'll hear..."So what's the problem there?!"

I admit I have a very low tolerance to people who tend to lie even in the smallest details. My question is why lie...when it is easier to tell the truth? They lie to get your attention, lie to manipulate poor soul or just merely want to save their butt, or just to gain something? Just like a soldier wearing a camouflage with coal on his face not to be placed...by his enemies.

Me if I smell someone is a good liar...I don't call his attention....Live and Let Live...my motto. I will say that he is one and then I zip the zap. And won't ever talk to him again. That will be a useless option. Just do away from this kind of behavior and let him find his own.

Am not an honest honest person but I must say I am not uncomfortable telling the truth about myself.

Why I posted this topic?!
...because someone did lie to me, big deal! You are such a big liar! How could you utter such words you never meant in the first place?

PS/ My son Arvin took the (inset) pict while I was busy blogging yesterday...didn't know he was apt to something and I quite like the outcome... ;D

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