Saturday, June 11, 2011

Having an idiopathic scoliosis is no joke...

If one has a severe scoliosis curvature, it is synonymous to pain. Yes, indeed surely they do suffer from the agony of eternal back pains. Like me with a 30 degree bend, and I pray to God it won't zoom to 40, one that needs surgery...that's why I religiously wear my Thoraco-lumbo-sacral brace. It guards my everyday movement. And I can't surely live without it. I freak out whenever there's a chance that I'll misplace it,or I may lose it anywhere. I got one that's made for me exclusively when I was hospitalized and I'd feel awkward using it outside because everybody seemed to be looking at me. I just use it at home. A Japanese-friend  gave me 5 braces with magnets at the back that help heal back pains. And I bought another one at Mercury drugstore that costs a little less than P3000. I live in the world of braces...and I also have 4 different kind of corsets, a close-fitting undergarment worn usually by most women to help look slimmer. I bought a new one last day. One good thing I notice, it helps trim my tummy...but the sad part of it is, it irritates my tummy skin. 

Now, being health conscious and with my curvature...I have to lose a lot of unwanted fabs that exacerbate my condition. I am now losing a lot of weight...thanks to you dawg...and many thanks to my OB-GYNE doctor for her positive suggestion.

Keeping slim is easy if you have enough will to do it. It's good to be fit. But for me it is a must lest I'd be in pain forever.

I vow to lose more to stay healthy...young looking and it's just that I want to stay longer so to speak!