Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Always stay near God my dearest friend....

One of the things I do enjoy out of blogging is...gaining some friends from around the world. And suddenly I remember my good good friend Carlos de Almeida of Portugal. The late Carlos de Almeida. I remember him by this song where we became close after I asked him what the title was. He answered and that was the start of our friendship. He was an old but a very pleasant and joyful man from Portugal. He had two blogs and during those times when he was still alive, there never was a day that I didn't visit his blog, same way he did. Sometimes he would send messages about how he spent long drive just so to visit his mom who's 84 that time, always during Wednesday and one time he told me he had renewed his DL so he was driving with no license, too bad I told him. He would teased me about  him eating choco ice cream, coz I told him I didn't like it at all. Never, and he would say why on earth did I hated it when in fact everyone must be craving to have some. He chuckled when I told him I didn't like it because it would only make my teeth look grossly dirty.Then one day I heard him complained that he was having acid reflux...an illness that's Adam to me...so I made a research about it. He was able to send me a message that he would just be away in a few weeks for his medications. And promised that he'd be back in time. Then, it shocked me to see one day that there's some messages on his chat-board that he passed away. For the very first time, I did cry for a friend I have yet to meet. Though oceans apart ... the bond of friendship was developed via constant hi and hello and via music. From his blogsites "Tessnisse" and "O Papa Xicolates" and untimely demise, I gained another friend who I care a lot...she's Carlos' friend too, and now...we are the best of friend indeed no matter how thousands of miles we are apart. I wish to see her, crossing my fingers. I knew it was Carlos initiative to let our paths meet via his blogsites. Now we consider him as our angel.

how his blog looked like!

PS/ While writing this I was planning to  make a link to his websites...oh dear...they're both cancelled, I didn't know that if the blog goes idle, the admin has the right to removed it from the system ...had I known I would have it saved...am so sadden now that I won't ever see them again. Snifffffffffffffff!!!

PS/ My friend just sent this link about Carlos...although it cannot be opened just the same...it warms our hearts...We miss you Carlos!!!

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