Sunday, June 5, 2011

Oh dear hands are full!

Eversince I came back here, I have yet to see myself lying in my bed, laxing...idling and enjoying reading my fave books. Bought some in Japan. But that is yet to happen. Been busy giving the house a thorough once over...sighhhhhhhh! Doing this and that...wanting to procrastinate but I couldn't do it due to my voluminous concerns here and there. Good thing since my Japan sojourn, one thing I hate doing is to expose myself outside with the glaring  heat of the sun. OMG, everyone here is complaining about the scorching heat, and we aren't exempted of course. So I was forced to buy a new air-conditioning unit. Then the problem lies on how much electrical consumption will be added in our monthly. Well anyway, that's better than die of exhaustion and heat-stroke. I want to stay longer...for people who I love dearly.

Last Saturday... Arvin forced me to stop doing my chores and tagged me along the oval...where we once lived, our fave jogging area. Went there to have a breather...and just have fun...goofing and telling each stories.While Arvin was so busy shooting photos of me and Leana, some kid came to watch us goofing with Arvin's Canon Eos. They watched us until it's over.

It was fun fun fun afternoon.

A lil more dieting! ;)
Jump, jump!
Goofing mode!
Hish-hash...with Leana
Bonding with Leana and Arvin
quenching our thirst...

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