Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The value of living happily inspite and despite of...

Being happy is a wise choice. No matter how our moods are, we can always make ourselves fit to sing some happy tune. That's for me a good therapy, veering away from emotional doldrums. We don't need to sulk and hide...sometimes I do but positively, say I'd buy books from a resale stand where my fave authors like Dean Koontz, Jim Grisham, Jodie Picoult (sadly no resale for this)...Jean Deveraux, and my super fave Sidney Sheldon...and voila I can be in a long hiatus mode. Nothing from the outside world except am with all the books am reading. I am not anti-social but I would prefer to stay in the sactuary of my room comfortably rather than eaves-dropping or having some sort of chit chat. But I love to see some of my colleagues and friends over lunch outside or at someone's house or in my house if there's a chance. But i really love books...and I never get tired of reading.

Now aside from reading I mostly enjoy music at home. I don't know how to live my life without music. I love every beat...be it classical, instrumental, like sax I dig most, I find saxists like Kenny G, with Brian McKnight's Careless Whispers, David Koz...very sexy when playing the saxophones, oh my gawd, these are good making ### music for lovers. Playing safe so excuse me for bowdlerizing, if these are not my words. I love also reggae, alternative music, whoah I like bossa, jazz is really nice indeed. And down to Lady Gaga....and would you believe, even the susurration of leaves and even the roars of waves are like music to my ears? What would life be without music?

So whenever I veer into music that is synonymously feeling unspirited and my courage is scraped...paramount to being unhappy and lifeless...like am today but I think am old enough to handle everything since I can say I truly got my Phd in crying and being devastated. So now...it's safe to say  that I am in the mend...a bit bored...but I will be okey in no time at all. Am grateful of my big faith! Faith always find it's way to heal me...

So always feel la la love, even at the lowest point of our moods!

Life is still a blessing! And will always feel so so blest no matter what comes my way...!

One of my fave Japanese songs...by SMAP

See the lyrics here...

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