Sunday, December 30, 2007

Taking time to smell the roses!!!

I am enjoying every minute inspite that I do miss home so much!!!

Ocean at Akabane

We went to umi at Akabane...we had fun there watching some surfers enjoying the waves...and we also...did enjoy the view inspite of cold and gusty wind, we took some pictures...I picked up some junkie I found interesting like a piece of driftwood, shell, bird's feather, stone that I would use on my scrapbook...

Looking at the vast ocean...though cold and'd feel blest...still...and you'd realize how important your life matter what...

Learning to love kiwi fruit!

There was a time na curiously I bought a piece of this brown hairy fruit na talagang di ko siya kasama ng mga fruit siya I told myself. When I got home immediately I sliced it open...naku ng makita kong green na green ito itinapon ko lang siya sa trash can...LOL!
Now...I always eat this fruit na medyo sour ang taste...masarap siya!

December DENNY'S Family Resto...

We just went outside...and ate carbonara, BLT sandwich, buttered vegetable and as always...tinikman ko ang squash ice cream ng sarap, akala ko cheese eh...squash pala!!!

Nadaanan lang po namin ang KFC...and we grabbed that opportunity na magpakuha ng picture kasama si Colonel Harland Sanders in Santa's costume...a rare chance di ba?!!! To know more about him, click this MR. KFC

Morning coffee at HOLLAND!

Last Dec 29...morning, we were invited to have coffee outside so I rushed down and just wore a jacket and rode the car...syempre nakapagtooothbrush naman ako...LOL!

Went inside the coffee shop named was a nice place, real cozy and to my surprise, I only ordered a coffee...voila...they served me a cup of steaming brewed coffee, with buttered toast and small slice of cavendish (banana), oh di ba bongga!!!
Ang sarap ng coffee, and I only noticed that ako lang ang gumamit ng fresh milk...they all had black coffee! Nang uwian na, Mieko again gave us a big togan, I think gaya ito ng ating kundol, am not so sure lang...and some mini pink tomatoes na ubod ng masarap sya ha...and more quail eggs and fresh broccoli. She's really a giver just like me...LOL!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Will sleep now....

Tomorrow we will go to Nagoya to see the famous Villagio Italia and the aquarium at Nagoya Port...

Goodnight everybody!!!
Because I am on a vacation I find it too hard to make a post everyday so I just use any pictures to make an's too taxing but I quite enjoy everything here...and sometimes too, I love posting some good music I like that of Luther Vandross...he's one of my favorite singers.
We went out earlier and I will post my pictures tomorrow 'coz I am too tired of that trip...I did enjoy tired and aching feet...and I am dosing off now...just finished 2 big shrimps...2 glasses of vegetable juice with fresh tomatoes and oranges. And some boiled quail eggs given by Mieko...again!