Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Let us not live in the past..."

I have high regards to my newfound "teacher"/friend and hopefully a future adviser from now on...whom I can take counsel the moment she's free because I know how busy she is holding her office at CAGRECA. Mrs. Adie Manalo have kept true to her words that she'd help me with my dilemma, and true enough again, everything will be settled now after some foaming at the mouth. Well, as Mrs. Manalo have said and I quote, " let us not live in the past..." For surely it will just only give us the burden of guilt, resentments and you'll be dumped with a lot of regrets. Let us find gratefulness in our hearts. And be with an open mind and armed with sensible judgment. And not to forget to hold on to our faith. It is a great value to forgive and to forget rather than get yourself trapped and soiled in mire.

Thank you also to Dir. Tony Concepcion who is the chaiman of the Grievance and Adj. Committee [...I hope am right]


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